Therefore, I Am

I have been doing a lot of writing, organizing, collating and fretting this week.  Rinse, and repeat.

I saw a t-shirt today that read:

Overthink This Teal Scoop Neck Tee, HIGH TIDE, hi-res

I want that shirt. 

I also really want this item from the same website:

Black Taco Cropped Sleep Cami, DEEP BLACK, hi-res 

But as I need novelty wear like a hole in the head...pass.

Tomorrow I have Avenue Q with Jim - I cannot wait - this has been nearly four years in the planning - we talked about going when I turned 40.  The fact is, we are starting to get old.

I don't mind it.  I generally feel comfortable in my skin.  I mean, yeah, I'd give anything to be turning heads and in my 20s again, but I think I'm in a good place.

Speaking of twenty-somethings, I had a great conversation with one yesterday.  We were talking about the transgender community.  We both agreed that it must be hard and scary.  I said, I never felt like I was anything but female, but that I'd like to be a man, just for a day.  She agreed and said, "I just want to be a man long enough to windmill my dick around."

How can I not like this chick?  She's got a very dry, fun sense of humor, and I am enjoying getting to know her.  Although, she is clearly from the midwest - around here, we call that helicoptering.  Although, to be honest, hers makes more sense, just from the sheer position of things.

I have had a lot of good conversations in general the past few weeks.  Ones that have clarified my understanding, ones that give context, a few that entrust me with information, some where I assert myself.  It's been a communicative time.

I keep thinking of the same lyric from the musical The Last Five Years, "Son of a bitch, I guess I'm doing something right".

On a scale of Communic-1 to Communic-10, I'd give this week a Communic-8.   And with that bon mot...

Good night!