Party Mouth

Today, a small group of us went to lunch to celebrate a colleague's birthday.  It was delicious - we went to Gabby's, which is my go-to for good burgers.  Grass-fed, wonderful staff - tiny little place in a decidedly not trendy neighborhood.  Their burger of the month was The Santino - an Italian inspired sandwich that I inhaled.  Honestly, I typically don't go for the gimmicky stuff, but this was a beef/sausage blend, and it was a delight. I skipped the fries to even it all out.  I mean, that didn't even it out, but I still skipped the fries.

We had some good conversation - it was nice enough to eat outside at the picnic tables, and it was just a pleasant way to spend time with people I really enjoy.

When we got back, one of my colleagues treated us to snack from his hometown.  Grippo Chips and Ski Soda.  It was fun, and we took plenty of pictures and made a big deal out of it.

Shades of delicious.

I am lucky to like my work and the people I work with.  Am I nervous that the people we are training next week are going to hate us?  Obviously.  But they can't beat me, or throw things at me.  Well, they can, but that's going to have to be OK.

I did my expenses today, after much procrastination, and I got them approved on the first try, which is exciting.  I usually dread expenses, but they were easy.  I should have done them a week ago.  Oh well.  It is what it is, right?

My September and October are starting to get away from me - my mother was already asking about Thanksgiving earlier this week, and I admonished her for putting me under pressure.  But honestly, Thanksgiving will be here before we know it.  And of course, my plan is to go to Atlanta.

Every year, I threaten to do something else for the holidays, but that requires planning, which requires knowing your schedule well in advance, and - you know - things just get chaotic.

And honestly, I enjoy being with family at the holidays, but usually, I am the one making the effort to be somewhere.  Which, if I could de-hoard the house and teach the dog to be friendly... well, who are we kidding? As the child, and the one without kids - I'm the one who travels.

I need a vacation.  I've been researching a number of things - mainly, a cruise that has a port or two in Cuba.  There's something about the "forbidden" aspect of it - even though now, it's all good.  But the culture, the people - it's all something of a mystery.  Plus, it's the best of all worlds.  Be fat and lazy on the boat, run around like mad in port.  Of course, the whole motion-sickness thing scares me.  I've never cruised.  What if it makes me sick as a dog and I spend the trip in the stateroom not moving?  I mean, fine from a spa/weight loss point of view, but not really a tenable option for a vacation.

Time to get off my butt and come up with something good, and not nausea-inducing.