It is September.  The third day, thereof, to be accurate.

It was a good long weekend, but all good things must end.  I am waiting on one last load of laundry to finish the spin cycle.  I have dresses that need to hang, the rest can go in the dryer, and then - bed.

I somehow managed to screw up my left ankle, so I've spent the afternoon and evening gimping around on it.  So annoying.

Speaking of - issues at the Red Cross today - they couldn't hear my blood pressure, so when they finally checked it the third time, it was high.  Because fucking of course it was.  The woman who did check three asked if my BP was ever high.  I said, "Only after the third time checking it."  I left in a foul mood, then headed to the mall to prolong said bad mood.

Why are clothes so fucking ugly this season?  And what's the deal with rayon?  COTTON, dammit.  I know, I know...broken record.

I thought this was supposed to be the fabric of our lives.

After sweating my ass off at Dillard's and Belk, it was time for my annual eye exam. To the surprise of no one, my eyes are worse off than a year ago.  One eye is nearsighted, the other is farsighted, and both are astigmatic.  I have a prescription, so I'll have to think about whether I can get by with cheaters, or if I want to get a new set of glasses.  To be perfectly honest, the pair I got last year weren't especially helpful, but damn if they aren't cute.  I need to read up on my vision benefits.  I get the feeling that for the next few years, my eyes are going to need new correction annually...

I finished up my mall experience quickly visiting three other stores, then I came home and ordered some things online.  They may all be terrible, but I have to have a few pieces to get me through the trips to Alabama, etc.

We'll see.  I need a long weekend in Chicago to get some real shopping done.

New York would be fine.   Munich maybe.  Not Paris, sadly - they don't cater to the terminally fat. Except with their cuisine.

So, honestly, today was kind of frustrating.

I did get a nice nap, and I made a great dinner.  Not to brag, but it was perfection.

Rosemary.  I revel in it.

Anyway, I'm going to pack it up and pack it in for the night.

Be well and happy - I'll try to uncranky myself for the work week, take some Aleve and have fun dreams where I'm singing, or laughing.