Greetings, y'all. 

Well, here it is September.  Weirdly, July felt crazy long, but August flew by.  So will September, I betcha.

My travels are starting to come into focus, and I am ready.  I'm prepared, and it's time.  I need to get out there and train some folks.

Today was a good day, and here's why.  I spent time with the dog, did some house stuff, had lunch with a friend, went to Trader Joe's, got a nice nap.  I even went to Macy's and remembered why I really hate Macy's.

Image result for macy messy
That's about right.

So, pretty productive.  I've taken to buying flowers whenever I'm at Trader Joe's.  For $4, I can get a small bouquet, or some stock, which smells like heaven, or carnations, or alstromeria.  It's all good.  This week, purple stock.

It is once again time to lay off the sugar. Because of this week's potluck, I ended up hitting it hard, and I know how counterproductive it can be.  I bought a bunch of fruit, and when I shop for the rest of the week, we'll do that again.  Gotta have nature's candy on hand.  And for that matter, I need to take the time tomorrow to prep a ton of vegetables.

But enough on that.  Today was not only the first day of a new month, it was the opening day of college football!

I grew up watching/following Georgia Tech - my father's team, and quasi-alma mater.   He went for four years, and fell a semester short of graduating.  I feel that he earned a degree for the work he did thereafter.  He also gave them plenty of money, so hey - diploma, schmiploma.

When I chose to go to Tech's biggest rival for college, there was some good-natured sparring that took place in re: football.  I went to maybe three UGA games in my college career, and one more post-graduation.  I typically drove home on the weekends to recharge, so I sold my tickets to whomever, and I assume they enjoyed it.  Whatever. So it's not as though I was the biggest fan to walk through campus. But I kept up with it to mess with my father.

With Dad gone, my interest is merely trivial. I keep up with it so that I can join the Monday talk with fellow SEC folks in the office - though I'll say my current colleagues seem to care little about it.  I get the feeling that like me, they went to state schools for an affordable education, and not to drink massive amounts of brown liquor and Coke in a hot parking lot, then go sit in a hot stadium with thousands of other people who have also imbibed.  But I could be wrong. 

Honestly, there are a handful of things that aren't as fun without Dad.  I have tried hard to not whine about it too much, but there are days I miss him quite a bit.  Like today.

He would always give me grief about the fact that UGA always started their season with a small, easily beatable team.  He'd ask if we were playing a school for the blind or a home for wayward mothers as our first opponent that year.

We played Austin Peay today.  A campus 45 minutes from my house.  Go Govs!!!  I went up there for that new Sigma Kappa chapter initiation last fall.  But they aren't a real match for UGA.

Of course, GT played Alcorn State - a small school in the middle of nowhere in Mississippi.  Much of Mississippi is in the middle of nowhere. Duly noted. 

Both Alcorn and Peay got their collective asses handed to them.  Because that's football in the state of Georgia.

Have a glass of brown and brown for your team, folks.

Peace, love, and bourbon,