Accent U8

Last night, I went down a YouTube rabbit hole where this dialect coach, a guy named Erik Singer listened to a bunch of people doing accents in movies and what they did well and poorly.

I now have a new fantasy career -  dialect coach.  Sure, I'd need more schooling, and I probably wouldn't make squat, but what is a fantasy if not unrealistic?  Exactly.

I've had other fantasy careers - anything where I get to love on animals all day, reclusive published novelist, television critic - honestly just plain critic, the person who names nail polish colors for OPI, paid travel writer, TV hostess (cooking show, talk show, lifestyle - I don't have a strong preference), costume designer, the person who buys the stuff that goes on the wall at Cracker Barrel, Practice Client at a Massage School, party planner, swing cast member in a touring musical, doll development at American Girl, tour guide, professional speaker... I mean, don't get me wrong.  I love what I do, but you have to have a back up plan.

Right Samantha, Kirsten, Addie, Felicity, Josefina and Molly?  And I only had to look up one of those names.

I took one linguistics class in college, and the rest has been self study.  I can mimic/produce all the sounds in the French language, and of course, I speak fluent American English... but there are so many other sounds and words out there.


Not too much planned for the weekend, and that is a very, very good thing.  I'm having dinner with a classmate from Middle School this evening, and the rest of my weekend is completely unprogrammed - that is to say, I know I need to do laundry, get groceries, exercise the dog, call Mom, etc.  But there are no specified times for these events.  Whee!!!

I am thinking about skipping Pepper Jelly this year.  I still have time - I always have time, but... I just don't know.  Maybe one batch of the big jars, and out.

Clearly, I'm tired.  I didn't sleep too well last night, and I made the mistake of not resetting my usual alarm to 6:20 after bumping it to 6:44 yesterday. Yeah 6:44 - I don't know why.  Anyway, I'm whipped, and I think I may be getting a little fall allergy/coldish thing.  Throat is a little raw and all.

So, at least a few naps on deck for my weekend.  For. Sure.

And maybe some more rabbit holes.

Barring something totally weird, Alabama looks like it's a go.  I'm excited.  I'm also excited because Avenue Q is coming to Nashville next week, and my friend Jim and I are going.  I saw it in NYC back in 2007, and I loved it then, and I will love it now.  And Jim will too, I think.

So, there's plenty to look forward to - all the more reason to rest, yes?


Happy Weekend, Everyone!