So, this has been an action packed week already, and... it's Wednesday.  I drove to Chattanooga Sunday night for two days of shadowing at the Mothership.

Returning to the Mothership
Almost identical, actually.

In that time, I also went to some meetings, had some coffee with my old friend, Colby - who is one of those people who is just pure sunshine.  And it was my first solo trip.  It went well - it's a huge campus, but I managed it.

I learned a lot from this lovely woman in Claims, and I remembered that billing was always my weakest module in SYSTOC, and that apparently, it's better that I'm not handling money as a regular part of my life.  The woman I shadowed starts work at 6AM.  Eastern.  I wasn't that ambitious, but I was there by 6:30 both days.  Yay, me!

I came back last night, quickly baked a cake for today's potluck, and cooked some dinner.   Then, due to pure exhaustion, I crashed.

The potluck today was good - I made a pistachio cake with maraschino cherry glaze, which couldn't compete with all things chocolate.  But who can blame them?  I like chocolate, too.

Notice Ben commenting on my cake.

The food was excellent, the people were even better.  We have a good crew, honestly.

The rest of the week is going to be writing up the experiences from my first two days.  Even with twenty pages of notes, it's going to be tricky.  But I can do it.

We finally have travel nailed down for our Alabama implementation, and I am ready to get out on the road and put on a show.

But first, I need to finish writing my current documentation, then I can focus on September.

And then, can Halloween be far behind?  No, it cannot.

See also:  Thanksgiving, Christmas.

And that's enough for now.  Can't wish it away.