Puppy Ciao

It's Friday, it's Friday.  Or as my friend Jim texted - it's Preview Day of Macy's One Day Sale!  Is Macy's ever not having a sale, you might wonder?  Well, having worked at Macy's, I can tell you safely, the answer is no.  Something is always on sale at Macy's.  And there's always plenty *for sale* as well.  It's funny how that works.


Day three of throat pain.  I'm thinking tonight I might put a little heat to it - heating pad, warm beverage - whatever.  Even a tube sock filled with rice, then thrown in the microwave.  Uncooked rice, incidentally.  Otherwise it gets mushy and makes you crave Chinese food.

My when we were still dating, my husband once noted that in his experience, women having their period seemed to crave Chinese food.  He had a point - I tend to want extreme salt or extreme sugar.  Now, thanks to Mirena, I haven't had a period in nearly four years.  It is marvelous, and I highly recommend it.

But I haven't had much Chinese either.  It's not the best here, and honestly, it's kind of an ordeal. I try to get my fix when I'm in my hometown.

I had Sorority Rush dreams last night - no big surprise.  UGA Rush sorry, Recruitment started this week, and I've been getting updates on the Facebook.  Everyone looks so grown up.  Back in my day, chintz and floral were big.  And preppy stuff from The Gap (before it got weird). Massive sailor collars.  Yesterday, I saw girls in very bare looking sundresses and rompers.  All very tan, very thin and with very long hair.  It was...disorienting.  Lots of straight lines.  I feel like we were a softer bunch.  Soft makeup, soft clothing, soft hair.  These gals are EDGY.  And gorgeous.  I'm not complaining, I promise.  But I'm glad I grew up when I did - because I would get eaten alive by the modern contingent.

Home Sweet Home for 2.5 Years.  My Sorority for Life!

Meanwhile, the me that has been out of college for 21 years is plugging along with her current life - no skits, no dress checks, no eating breath mints by the handful for lunch.

I am, by that, reminded of an expression I learned back in the day "Always accept compliments and breath mints".  Good advice.

So, beyond that, I'm on day five of no sugar.  Of course, I've had pizza twice.  But kicking sugar is the hardest part.  Once I have a week of that under my belt, I can start cutting back on calories.  And yes, yes - it's a marathon, not a sprint. 

I feel better, on the whole, but the sinus/sore throat thing have me feeling logy and more than a little tired.  I am kind of wondering what a vacation would look and feel like.  Just wondering...

But the truth is, if my mother and her boyfriend are going to be here in late September, and it appears that they will be, then I have work to do.  I also need to see what I can outsource, and what absolutely needs to happen live and in person by me.

And then I need to pay for it.  Like you do.

Y'all.  How am I going to get it all done?

One bite at a time.

That's the recipe.