Life in the Unknown Zone

Oh, y'all.  Crazy week, really - but today is a cake-taker.

Not what I meant. But I own one just like this.  Perfect for taking the cake.  Into the potluck.

I am day four without refined sugar.  And today, I made two stops that would normally trigger my unbridled sugar lust.  This morning, I went to Walgreens because I was considering a purchase of Chloraseptic (more on that in a minute), and to look at pill splitters.  I bought neither. 

I ended up with some Coke Zero and went into the office.  On my way to see my therapist in Cool Springs, I stopped to see my friend Jim, and I took him an Icee, because I'm nice, dammit.  I didn't get too excited over the Little Debbies. 

Not today, Deborah.  Not today.

So, I have a monster sore throat, on one side, and it hurts to swallow.  My jaw, throat and ear all hurt. I suspect it's sinus related, but it is annoying.  I passed on the Chloraseptic because they only had the red, cherryesque kind, and I like mine green. 

When I got back to the office, post therapy, I saw an ice cream truck parked in front of the office.  And what I mean, specifically, is a food truck dealing in ice cream.  Not a creepwagon that plays Turkey in the Straw ad nauseum and sells slimy bomb pops.  No!  Maggie Moo's  - a local ice cream dealer has their own truck.  I learned it was for the people in the office we share a space with.  I could have easily used my connections to get the hook-up, but I did not. I decided that even chocofudgy cold goodness was not worth the four days I've already put into it.

Clearly, I am overthinking it.  Thinking too much about it, I guess you'd say.

So, back to work I went.  We are done with phase one of training creation - finished around 2PM today, and I feel great about it.  Honestly.

My mother called me today and mentioned that she and her boyfriend want to come visit.  I need to get some more information - because it appears to be at not the best time for our schedule.  But I've been asking her to come for ages, so... we'll see.  I'll know more in the next week, but regardless, I have work to do to get the house ready.

Tomorrow should be a fairly quiet day at the office - or not.  They may have us making changes to training on the fly.  I can do that. 

I will tell you that I plan to sleep on Saturday.  I have a few things I need to do, especially if the Atlanta contingent is coming in September, but my want to/get to is sleep.

I will definitely do something(s) social, too.  I'm just way too charismatic to spend the weekend isolated and prone. And I know I want to get some tomatoes at the Farmers Market while they're still good.

And I think that about does it.  I'm going to get some rest, go to bed early.   I am truly sleep obsessed.

It's where I'm a Viking.



Christopher said…
Yesterday was "Vandy Chills", when all Vanderbilt employees could go to one of several stops and get a free ice cream cone--a Nutty Buddy, an ice cream sandwich, fudgesicles or several other fruit flavors of sicle--but it was probably just a coincidence that some people in your office were getting a visit from Maggie. Vanderbilt won't spring for something that deluxe.
Anyway you are a role model and make me glad I showed restraint and only had one Nutty Buddy, unlike the year I made sure to hit all the campus stations--some of them more than once.