Let the sun shine...

My housekeeping style might well be described as "controlled neglect".  We are not the most organized people, the dog sheds constantly, and one of us believes you need to keep boxes long after the items have been removed from them.  The other of us has way too many kitchen gadgets and dish towels.  We are equally culpable.

There's one task that has been plaguing me for awhile - the kitchen windows.  There are a pair of ancient windows in the kitchen, fortified with a pair of slightly less ancient storm windows bolted onto the frames.  I have not cleaned the windows in... ages.  Maybe ever.  And we've been here forever.  So, every time I looked through the streaks, cobwebs and grime, I thought - I really need to deal with this.  Today, I finally did. 

It was a pain in the ass, but not nearly as bad as I anticipated.  But they look AMAZING.  The kitchen is brighter.  I feel less depressed as I wash dishes. 

I still wouldn't look too closely.

Now I need to take this momentum and apply it to other overdue tasks.  Dread is a waste of energy.

I am headed to the Mothership tomorrow night for a two-day overview on some documentation I'll be writing.  I haven't been on the road since February, and that was just an overnight to the Mothership.  Two nights will be like a vacation, sort of.

I am looking forward to the drive.  I am getting a rental, and it might have a satellite radio - wouldn't that be sweet?  Regardless, I'll get to think, sing, and pace myself.  And it's good practice for Alabama.  Coming soon.  We think... I will be happy to get more of that settled.

We have a potluck coming up next Wednesday at work - I have pledged a bundt cake to the offerings.  Part of me feels like I should be doing something more substantial, but I'll be getting home late enough on Tuesday that a cake should more than suffice.  Some of the women in the cubes a row over have been talking about their aversion to eating potluck food because you never know how clean someone's kitchen is.  If you ever worked in food service of any kind, you'd know that food prep isn't sterile.  Use your common sense and good judgment.  I'll admit that if food is traveling outside my house, I'm extra careful, but now that my windows are clean, I'm golden.

At the moment, I'm recovering from a huge fried dinner.  We met some of Matt's childhood friends for dinner.  Uncle Bud's Catfish.  The man knows hushpuppies.  Damn.  My hands are swollen from salt and fried food overload.

So, tomorrow is about packing, getting some food in the house, and getting the dog outside to burn off her energy.  Anything else is garnish.   Not gravy, because at the moment, I think I'm sweating gravy.  But like, a rose made out of carrot, or some roughly chopped cilantro.

And if you want my advice, go clean a few windows and you'll see everything more clearly.



Unknown said…
Clean windows are like clean underwear....they both speak to your inner soul.