Happy August, folks!

I got my labs back from my physical last week, and great news - I'm not dead.  They noted my cholesterol and triglycerides as "quite good". 

Now, tomorrow, I have to go back, once again to the ladyparts doc and have a re-test - see if I have any irregular cells.  I don't know.  We'll have to see what they say.  I feel fine, I haven't been out there pulling a train at the Sig Ep house, but then, I never was... The real question is, will her nurse be able to hear my blood pressure?  She usually has to take it three times and then finally use the electronic cuff, and it ends up being SUPER HIGH to the surprise of absolutely no one.

So, that's a fun start to my Friday.  I will say, I'm stoked for the weekend.  I'm going to clean the fridge out in a major way and stock it full of actual decent, real, non-processed food.  I'm thinking it's worth a trip to the Farmers Market to get some tomatoes, another watermelon, more corn.  Time to pay for my months of debauched eating.

Dressed in yellow, she says, "Hello. Come and sit next to me you fine fellow."

I have a few recipes I want to try, including a golden gazpacho that uses yellow tomatoes.  I'm planning to see Jim at some point, then there's the usual laundry, and the Sisyphean task that is housekeeping.  One of these days, I'm just going to burn the place to the ground.

The last few days at the office have been extremely satisfying, even in the face of frustration.  We are working on a project that has more questions than answers - which happens, but despite that, I have spent the last two days building new training classes from scratch - and I LOVE THEM.  It's dark material.  Addiction in the Elderly Population and Elder Abuse - but - I'm really pleased with the way they came out.  Now we have to work on all the rest of it, which is a challenge.

I desperately need a pedicure, but I ended up chipping off a slab of toenail on my right big toe. I botched it while attempting to "fix" it, and now it's super short.  Every other nail is long like a talon, so maybe I just need to suck it up.  But then, I have so many bruises from the canoe trip, I'm afraid they'll think I'm a leper.   Probably just need to suck it up and do it this weekend.

We have a lot of events and social obligations coming up.  I'm feeling kind of panicked about them, but that's my normal.  I just have to remember that.  At the moment, the one I'm excited about is David Cross at TPAC.  Probably because I hand-picked that activity, whereas others may feel like "have to", this one falls in the realm of "get to".  I love live comedy.  I especially love live comedy that is more verbal than physical.   I think that's because, try as I might, physical comedy is not my bag.  I always felt awkward in improv, and honestly, even doing stand-up (once), I didn't really move around like the gazelle that I am.  A gazelle with a mangled toe and canoe bruising.  A gazelle who falls down.  A lot.  But whatever.

Looks like a fancy anorexic goat to me.

Hay, girl, haaaaay!

That should do it.



Christopher said…
The golden gazpacho sounds delicious. The first time I tried gazpacho I lifted a spoon to my mouth, blew on it a couple of times, and then nearly went into shock from the cold.
I'd heard of cold soups before but didn't know I was about to try one.
And I had no idea David Cross was coming to TPAC.