Tangy Zip

There are some things I can tell you:

- There is nothing wrong with wearing shapewear.  Much like building your home on solid ground, you should build your look on a firm foundation of firming foundation garments.  I actually learned working at Macy's in "Intimate Apparel" that fair skinned women can wear grey under white if they don't want it to show.  Take note.

- There is no sandwich in the world that tastes better than one someone else makes for you.  Especially if it's someone who loves you.  I mean, the $5 Footlong at Subway is nice - but the turkey on wheat your friend makes you when you visit at lunchtime is precious.

- Cracker Barrel has a warehouse where they store all the decor they use in their restaurants.  They offer tours.  I have to make this happen.  It's on my bucket list.

-  I hate the expression "bucket list".

-  I'm not motivated by the guilt others put on me.  The idea of disappointing you either paralyzes me or makes me contrary and throw it into reverse.  I am motivated by fear, vanity, and revenge.

- I hate it when my own good advice gets used against me.  It's still good advice, but I should have come to it on my own.

- I am so grateful for pharmaceuticals and therapy.  Not in that order.

- My sister messaged me to tell me they've been seeing signs for a strip club called PoleKatz, which may be the best ever.  They're roadtripping to California - their new home.

-  Piper is an ornery little dog, but I love her loose skin - it's like a giant furry stress ball when I pet her.

- I got reservations for a trip later this month, and I am stoked that it's a really nice hotel.  Which tells me I'm ready to dip my big toe in the shallow end of travel again.  A good feeling.

- Aldi is a weakness, and I cannot be trusted there when I have unlimited time, and the imagination needed to buy many things that may or may not be necessary.

(I wanted both, didn't buy either. Discipline!)

-  I have never knowingly poisoned anyone.  I may have cooked steak on the sell-by date, but it was all in the name of getting dinner on the table.  Nobody died, dammit.

-  I got a little emotional today, but I'm grateful to care enough for that to happen.

Good night!


I'll bet that in 25 years of prescribing medicines, I have poisoned someone. Call it my effort at population control.