Sometimes, you just run headfirst into a brick wall, and because you're certain it wasn't supposed to hurt you, you try it again.

That is a metaphor, of course - no brick walls were injured in the making of my day.  But damn if my head doesn't hurt.

Because we weren't home this weekend, I didn't get much taken care of here at the house.  Like groceries, for example.  So tonight, I stopped at Cracker Barrel, where as always, I waited way too long for something that was promised at a specific time.  But I wasn't cooking, and I was tired of fast food, so... I was at the mercy of the Crackers.

I also went to Macy's at lunch to look at a dress that I ended up buying because, let's face it -there's a sucker born every minute.  And dresses are comfortable, and I always need work clothes.  But Macy's was super picked-over and badly stocked and hot.  I have to think that store is in trouble - that location in particular.

There are a lot of little irritants in life, but one that gets me fairly often is lunch-hour lollygaggers.
These are the folks who have a fairly open schedule, but choose to go to Target, or Walgreen's or wherever I happen to be on my lunch hour, and they just stroll casually right into my path.  It happened the other day at the Farmers Market.  I tried to get there and back in an hour - between parking and people scattered hither and yon walking five abreast, I was about to lose my ever-loving mind. 

I need to be eating better, exercising more and sleeping deeper - all of that would surely make me a little less crazy.

My friend Jim just messaged me that we should get together and I can vent.  I told him I want to get together, venting optional.  I think there's nothing seriously wrong with me that wouldn't be fixed with a little self-care.  Although, we can argue that friends are the ultimate in self-care.

Last night, I had a lengthy set of dreams that involved a pedestrian hit and run, my father being alive (briefly), and an antique clock that somehow belonged to my sorority.   Oh, and an airline that was allowing me to test their inflight showers.    It's amazing that I wake up exhausted.

With that said, I'm going to go do a little drugstore peeling hydration mask.

Because I can.