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I was just, for whatever reason, thinking of the French expression prêt-à-porter - which means ready to wear - so, clothing you buy off the rack.  

In thinking about it, I know that the circonflex - the little roof over the e in prêt means that at some point, there was an S after that e - so, prest.  Then I wondered if the prest/prêt was from the same root as the word presto.  So, I looked.  And my intuition was correct:

Origin and Etymology of presto

Italian, quick, quickly, from Latin praestus ready, from praesto adverb, on hand; akin to Latin prae before — more at for


I love when my brain makes those little connections.  Rare as they are.

When I was in my 20s, I used to take my laundry to this nice laundromat in Buckhead from time to time.  It was about 10 minutes from my apartment, but the washers in my complex were nasty, and I could get ALL my stuff done fast.

Next to this laundromat was a fast food place called Zesto's.  

It look fun, doesn't it?

I regretfully never ate there, but my therapist at the time told me that the ne plus ultra of Zesto's was their Nut Brown Crown - a soft serve vanilla cone, dipped in chocolate, then rolled in chopped, dry roasted peanuts.

They are still there, but the odds of me going down that way on one of my visits to Atlanta is slim to none.

And culinarily, there are already so many special Atlanta-Only delicacies I have to get in.

Anyway, presto to Zesto.

Next, let's talk pesto (in a roundabout way).

I already mentioned that I had my doctor's appointment yesterday.  The upshot from it, was quite literally a shot on my upper arm - time to get my tetanus updated.  Time flies, y'all.   We also discussed the Ketogenic Diet, and here's where I land on that.  No.  I just can't eliminate fruit from my life.  Right now on my desk I have these wonderful little cherry/plum hybrids - and I need a lifestyle that allows for that. 

I can't stay mad at you!

I need the occasional bowl of pasta (with pesto - aha!), or sandwich.  So, no - Keto is not right for me.   What I can and will do is quit the processed crap and start tracking my intake.  And though it sounds like I'm weaseling, I need to start after this weekend - it's going to be the kind where I won't have a lot of say in what we eat, and I can guarantee it won't be health food.  So, Monday.

Happy Tuesday, and spend your day with gusto!  Thanks for reading my manifesto,




Christopher said…
And now I have the song "Forget the rest-o/Call Anti-Pesto" from Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit in my head, although I could never really be anti-pesto and am quite fond of antipasto.
Also my next trip to Atlanta, whenever that may be, has to include a visit to Zesto's. There just aren't enough independent fast food places in the world anymore. They should be relished.