Some Follow Up

So, first things first... my issue with the city has been resolved to my satisfaction.

Here's what happened.  Apparently, yesterday at 2AM, someone called Animal Control to let them know that the two dogs living at my address were outside in a thunderstorm with no shelter, barking.

Here are the problems with that:

1.  I have only one dog.

Quick!  How many dogs are in this picture?

2.  She sleeps in bed next to me, I'm a light sleeper, and I'd be aware if she got up at 2AM, unlocked the deadbolt and wandered out into the storm. 

3.  Even if number 2 happened, she does, in fact, have a covered 10'x4' kennel.  Inside of the covered kennel is a dogloo, for further shelter and comfort.

A dogloo, for those not in the petmosphere, is a molded plastic dog house in the shape of an igloo - it is supposed to offer excellent protection, and they are resilient, don't rot, warp or decompose.  They are the ne plus ultra in shelters for your animal.

Anyway, because they have to investigate every claim, we got a notice from Animal Control letting us know there had been a call, they came by to do a welfare check, and that we need to be providing our dog with shelter.  They left it on our door and asked us to contact them.

So this morning, I spoke with the officer who left the notice.  She said that when she knocked, the dog came to the door, so she had no concerns about our dog's welfare.  Why that wasn't indicated on the notice, I know not.  I told her that are a few dogs on our street without shelter, and she may want to check the alleyway to make sure the folks had the right address.  I also let her know that while she was doing that, she was welcome to check out Piper's outdoor accommodations. 

She promised me a write-up indicating that the complaint was unfounded, and we're good to go.

But last night, I was freaking out about it.  Freaking. Out.  Looking up libel laws, taking photos...

Now - as for the skinny=healthy - I do know that there are healthy overweight people out there.  Since I'm on a few medications, I'm not inherently one of them.  But low doses of blood pressure and cholesterol meds allow my numbers to look good - so, I'm not dying, per se - but I use a little boost from Big Pharma to keep me at my best.  Better living through chemicals, my mother would say.  And she's a nurse, y'all - so she knows.  I just know that my doctor is laser focused on my weight as the cause of everything wrong with me.  If I came in with strep, or a broken leg, I suspect she'd find a way to bring it back around.  Just saying.  And honestly, from a vanity standpoint, I want to fit in my clothes better and like the way I look in photos.  So, yeah - I need to do it for me, and the right way, and for the right reasons.  But damn if refined sugar isn't delicious.

Due to the extremely wet weather today, my hair is looking kind of great.  It's a trick.  I'll get lulled into complacency, and then all of a sudden:


I still need to find someone local - maybe just for trim work in between trips to Atlanta.  Devon can sculpt it, and new person can just follow the shape.   Like topiary, but with hair.

I'm still concerned about the political climate and how things are going in general.  A colleague told me today that 1/3 of all Americans believe we are on the brink of a new civil war.  Now, who knows where the stat came from, but I can't say it surprises me.  Although, as I once told my manager when I was a marketing admin, "Tell me what you're trying to prove and I'll get you the stats to support it."  It was that day when she looked at me and saw that I wasn't just another dumb 20 year-old.  I was devious, and calculating.   It was the beginning of a great relationship, both professionally and personally. 

That said, the idea of war seems a little extreme.  But dissent?  Protests? Violence? Civil unrest?  These have already started and don't show signs of letting up.

What I can do, as my friend who writes Freethinkers Anonymous suggested, I can use my privilege to advocate for others.  I can volunteer for the Phil Bredesen campaign.  I can get over my grudge with the Red Cross and donate blood.  I can say kind things and act with empathy toward my fellow man.  I can help fill food pantries, and I can encourage my young neighbor to do well in school.  I can make sure his grandmother has what she needs. 

I can follow some 14 year old advice from Anne Lamott.

And I can love.  I can love my family, my friends, my co-workers, and total strangers.  I can love the rain, and the morning glories in my back yard, and the many offerings of Lean Cuisine.  I can love my work, and my recreation.  I can love cooking good food, and watching bad TV and sleep.  I can love good news, whether it's mine or not.  I can love that I have access to Amazon Prime, and clean hot water on demand.  I can love that I have everything I need, and many, many things I want.   I can love all the different birds, and the many flavors at Las Paletas.  I can love chaos and quiet.  I can love people of all colors, creeds, nations, religions, orientations.  I can love my life and live it in such a way that it helps other people.

And then, I can take a nap - because that much love is exhausting.

The tide is high, as Blondie would say, but I'm holding on.