Shine On

Things here are good.  I'm tired.  Two weekends in row where I've been busy and haven't gotten nearly the nap time logged that I would typically get.

So, the heat has been oppressive here.  Just brutal - and it makes me feel like hot buttered garbage.  And of course, the dog loves being outside, no matter the weather, so my evenings are spent on the back deck watching her stalk squirrels and to warn me of anyone who dares walk or drive up the back alley.  And if you have a dog with you, game over.  She goes nuts.

With hockey over, we're in the process of determining what our summer entertainment will entail.  We may try to start saving some money and move to a different cable package, or streaming via Sling... it's hard for me to believe that there are so many options.

At some point later in his life, I asked Dad what changes had surprised him most in his life.  I expected something about advances in racial equality, or medicine, or computers.  His answer surprised me.  "Television," he said.  "It looks so good, and there's so much of it".  This totally makes sense, of course.  This is the same man who, when I moved into my first apartment, told me to save money elsewhere, that cable was a necessity.

Dad loved television - especially as his health declined.  He liked nature shows and food shows.  Mom branded his ideal programming, "Snake Cooking".  She, on the other hand, watches premium cable dramas and (liberal) news almost exclusively.  And at high volume.

At the moment, we have the one TV, and Matt usually controls the remote.  I have a few supremely important shows I DVR and watch, and of course, for Project Runway, I go to  my friend Rosie's house.

I used to catch up on my preferred TV (reality shows, sitcoms), when I was on the road.  But I haven't been on the road in some time - so I am way behind on Blackish, and I haven't even started on Grownish.  See also:  Modern Family and to a lesser extent The Goldbergs.

We tend to watch hockey and Adult Swim.  If you haven't seen Squidbillies, I have to recommend it.  It's funnier to people who grew up in Atlanta, but it's still damn funny.

Anyway - things are otherwise just plugging along.  Starting to get some deadlines at work, which I like.  Much like Vanilla Ice, I work best Under Pressure.  Dum dum dum da-da dum dum.  I have a really good feeling about the second half of the calendar year - or the start of the fiscal year - it depends on how you look at it - calendar is easier for me. 

Speaking of - one of the best presents I got at Christmas was a Nashville Preds calendar that they did for charity with one of the local animal rescues.  It's photos of players with dogs - some rescue dogs, some are their personal dogs.

This month is Viktor Arvidsson and his own dog, Wilda.  Which I think is a great name for a dog.  It's possible that she is some full-bred Scandanavian working dog, but to me she looks like a border collie got out one night, got some strange, and had some cute fluffy babies.

This is neither my hand, nor my calendar in the interest of full disclosure.

A few months ago, I got PK Subban and this awesome looking bloodhound looking to be adopted.  PK was in one of his slick suits, with a hat and a great big smile.  Dogs and hockey players.  A natural.  One of the guys, Scott Hartnell posed with his own cat - a kind of muddy looking calico - but he clearly loved the thing.

The cat looks less than pleased, tbh.

For anyone wondering, I pulled the trigger on a decision I was mulling over.  Well, to be accurate, some nice young woman at Claire's pulled the trigger of the piercing gun.

This is my same old ear and my new bling, in the interest of full disclosure.

It's so subtle that I can't believe I was fretting it.  I really, really like it - and  I know that if I ever wanted to cover it up, a little pore filler and hair would do the job.  Nobody has noticed it.  Not even my husband.  It's strange that he can notice the slightest distortion in audio, but the wife comes home with a new hole in her head and nada.  We'll how long it takes.  To be clear, I am not upset that he hasn't seen it - I just think it's funny, honey.

I spent some time with my friend Jim this weekend, looking at furniture for his house.  It is clear to me that he and Matt are really more alike in terms of taste and style.  They prefer neutrals; brown, gray... I love wild colors - but the places we went to look had only subdued, tasteful colors and prints.  Lots of serene blues.  I did find a fainting couch that suited me - but I have neither the space for it, nor the lifestyle that warrants such a purchase.

We also went to Bed, Bath and Beyond - there I bought a bundle of washcloths (in shades of serene blue) and a scrub brush for my back.  Exfoliation is my newest hobby.  I may need a better hobby.

Kids - that's it and that's all for now.  Be young, foolish and happy.



True story: When I turned 18, I got a third hole (in my left ear). It got infected, so I let it close up. There's still a faint scar where it was. I've been wanting to get it re-done for YEARS, but I'm chicken. I may use you for inspiration and finally get the damn thing done.