Shakes from the Emotional Blender

Y'all, the past week has been muy loco.  I  don't have the energy to recount everything, but it's been exhausting.

It's been the kind of week that included every possible emotional permutation, and now, my job is to pick through the debris and make sense of it.  And to restore my life to a more normal schedule. 

So I'm going to be doing that.  I have tried about three different posts but I can't get more than a few sentences in without going down a serious and seriously weird rabbit hole.

I need to process, then I'll be back, and I'll try my best to edify and amuse.

Until then - here are the overarching thoughts I have:

1.  Ask for help.  Accept help when it is given to you. It will all even out in the end.

2.  Respond to compliments graciously.

3. Sometimes it's more important to be honest than clever.

4. Tell people you care about them, but also show them.

5. Laughter is not the best medicine.  But it is a good compliment to big pharma.

6. Be polite and say please and thank you - in times of crisis, good manners are extremely important.

7.  They still make orange juice concentrate.

8.  Learn to recognize and ignore bullshit.

9.  You can't just turn off after an adrenaline rush.  It takes time.  Be patient.

Fruity Sludge Produced En Masse for the Masses.

More in a bit, once I have everything as it should be.

Drink up,