Son of a....

Y'all, I'm feeling a little creatively blocked.  I've been writing a lot of stuff, but none of it seems right for consumption. 

I'm also dealing with some joint pain.  It seems to be migrating around my body.  According to Dr. Google, I'm dying.

Oh - speaking of - I tried to give blood over the weekend, but my blood pressure was too high.  Here's what happened.  The first tech took my BP with two different cuffs, each arm, twice and couldn't hear anything.  Number two comes over, does the same, and after having my arms squeezed a bunch, my BP was elevated.  The exact same thing happens at my gyno office every time.  It's fabulous. 

So, I was rightfully irritated.  I'll try again in a few weeks, but so help me, if they call and harass me about coming in, I will lose my motherscratching mind on them.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  Laundry, napping, grout cleaning, fridge purging.  Grilling, dog petting, hockey.  I did a seaweed mask tonight and my skin feels good from that. 

I didn't sleep last night because I started analyzing something from years ago and went down a mental rabbit hole where I couldn't shut my brain off.  Finally, I took a quick swig of NyQuil and drifted off.

I miss you, Phil.

I wish I could put my thoughts into something more concise and share-worthy.  I have some thoughts.  I'll get it together and see what I can do.

And I guess that's about it from here for now.

Be happy and well.