Once again, a jumble of unrelated thoughts.

When I was a kid, I called flamingos Flying Mingos.  And honestly, I think that works pretty well for them. We like looking at them at the Nashville Zoo.  Did you know that they can bend their knees both ways?  It's crazy.  I recently bought a pair of underwear with flamingos on them.  So cute. 

This is the pattern - so cute, right?

The food truck at the office complex today was a hot dog truck.  Good stuff.  I ate one dog, and it was delightful.  I skipped the fries. Ended up sitting with a few folks in the conference room to eat lunch.  It was a good break, nice folks. 

Tomorrow is do or die time for the Nashville Predators.  If they win, they advance.  If they lose, game over, man!  I obviously hope they win.  That said, if they don't win, my life does not revolve around hockey again for another four months or so.  I will make the best out of whichever outcome we achieve.

I have been enjoying my new Spring/Summer wardrobe.  All in all, I have made some good choices. I still need to decide on the dress from Loft, but dresses in Summer are a no-brainer.  Light, easy... and this one is fun!

Sounds like I'm getting a new dress.  Speaking of, Eloquii has released the second of two Draper James collections.  There's a dress in that set that I want.  Badly.  Nowhere to wear it, and it's stupid expensive, but I still want it. 

I mean, damn. If my 4th of July required some kind of cute attire, I'd be all over this.  But, we're more of a grill out, chill out kind of couple. 

There are a few other dresses in the collection - one white with a bird print, but I don't wear white.  Even my wedding dress was "slutty snowdrift" or "not-a-virgin ivory".   My tendency to spill things makes light colors impractical.

The point is, it's a decent time to be a woman of size looking for stuff to wear.  I still need to detox from the sugar, and get back on the fruits and vegetables - and not strawberry jam, either.

Here's a question for you.  When someone close-ish to you hurts your feelings or acts unkindly toward you, how long do you hold a grudge?  And if you know you should let it go, and it's been years (for example), and it's still eating at you... how do you let it go?   I'm asking for "a friend" of course.  As a Scorpio, I can nurse a grudge like Florence Nightingale.  So, clearly, my friend needs better counsel than I can give.  Sorry to be vague.  I do that sometimes.

Matt found some old, early shows out of the UK that are some of the members of Monty Python, pre-python.  It's called "At Last, The 1948 Show" - and it's funny.  John Cleese and I share a birthday.  He's a Scorpio, too.  I should probably check with him on the whole grudge thing.

Well, tomorrow is another big day.  So, sleep - perchance to dream.



Christopher said…
Interesting. You also share a birthday with Dylan Thomas and Sylvia Plath. There's something about that date. Or, as Doc Brown (played by Christopher Lloyd, born October 22nd, darn, so close!) said, "On the other hand, it could just be an amazing coincidence." What was the question? As a Sagittarius I have an extremely short attention span.
Go Preds! And flamingos.