List it, Sister

I have started and iced three different blog posts in the past 48 hours.  I don't seem to have my thoughts gathered, not in nice neat paragraphy bundles, anyway.  The paragraphs I am writing are long, fragmented and pedantic - not really my style, on the whole.

So, I'll do what I do best and put out some bullet points for you.

The three topics I have iced were Mother's Day, Transgender people, and Hockey.  The results made me sound like an intolerant, child-hating, uneducated, violence-loving idiot.  And that's not exactly who I am or what I stand for.

Here's what I'll say in short form on those three things:

Mother's Day - I love my mother, my friends who are mothers, and I respect them.  I have no desire to have kids, and it's amazing how many near strangers feel fine asking me about my reproductive decisions.  I am more than a uterus people.

Transgender issues - I think the only time it matters about your gender is when you are actually having sex.  You and your partner need to know what's available to each other, what your preferences are, and that you are consenting.  I think that the whole boys wear blue, girls in pink is kind of outdated.  I think I understand the concept of gender fluidity.  That said, I was born female, and I have never felt like that wasn't right for me.  But if someone else doesn't feel that same way, they need to live their truth.

Hockey - The Preds lost and were eliminated from playoffs last night.  I'm sad, but it was a great season.  I am grateful for everything that the Preds have done for hockey and for our city.  I was able, due to their Predators Foundation, to help build a playground for some kids in North Nashville.  And during that build, I had the chance to get to know one of the women at my office.  She's a C-level.  Typically kind of quiet and reserved, but I found out we both have a dog and no kids, and that we're both hockey fans.  I saw her the next time I went to a game and that was really neat.   Hockey brings people together.  It's just that simple.  Dogs do, too.  But we each have our own special dog who we love best, whereas there are only 31 teams in the NHL, so... it's more of a unifying force.

Those are the short, succinct versions of three long, rambling word vomits  - trust me, you're better off without them.


Yesterday, we celebrated Jim's birthday with dinner - and then after dinner, we went to NoBaked.

It's new.  It's a cookie dough parlor.  Essentially, they create lots of flavors of edible, unbaked dough and serve it by the scoop.  A generous, generous scoop.  I managed to tackle mine.  I'm not a quitter, dammit.  As a result, my stomach was making some noises last night and this morning that sound like a summer storm front moving through.  Oh well.  Still totally worth it.

The Mennonite family whose bread, eggs and flowers I have been buying for ages, is quitting the Farmers Market.  They have an aging mother who needs more attention and so they are done after Saturday.  I'm going to go pick up a few loaves of bread, maybe some of their pastries - we have plenty of eggs.  It's the flowers I'll miss most - they were gorgeous and cheap.  I always felt kind of bad though, because here I was, every summer, showing up in shorts and sandals, and the lady was there in a long dress, apron, boots, bonnet... and I'm sweating Crisco, and she looks cool, serene, and untouched.  It's probably a dress rehearsal for our afterlives, come to think of it.  Anyway, I'll miss the Schrocks.

If the strawberries look good, and more importantly, are fairly cheap, I may buy some to make either Strawbanero or Strawlapeno Jam - berries and hot pepper.  Don't knock it - the hot/sweet pairs well with goat cheese, brie, and honestly, peanut butter.  It sounds weird, but it's not.

Truth be told, I need to dedicate my weekend, as much as possible, to Spring cleaning.  I have some things that could stand to go to Goodwill, and the drifts and drifts of dog hair need to be beaten down.  I also have a really good coupon for $11 off my bill at Kroger that expires Saturday, so I need to go and shop, because that's a lot of dollars.

I know - I'm just setting the world ablaze.

My hope is that I'll get my mojo back and firing on all cylinders in no time.

Wish me luck, mamajammers.