Let me tell you...

This one is going to be another jumble of things that don't work into an entire entry as a standalone.  So it's going to feel random.  Because it is.

I have a little ritual every weekend.  Because we live in the city, we park at the curb in front of our house.  We don't have a garage, or a driveway.  We can (and have) parked our cars in the back yard, but I prefer not to - I'd rather have yard, and it kills grass, etc. 

But, because on-street parking can be unpredictable, I handle my grocery situation a little differently.  I drive up the back alley, unload the bags inside the gate, close the gate and drive around to the front of the house.  Then I park.

Then, once I'm inside, I greet Piper and ask if she wants to see if the Grocery Fairy has come.  I open up the back door, and the dog burst out into the yard, runs to the groceries, circles them and sniffs them happily.  She seems to think (I think) that they just magically arrive there at intervals - but she's always excited and happy to see them.  She's pretty happy in general, though. 

I got my hair cut short.  I wasn't sure about it at first, but it's growing on me.  See what I did there?  Ahhh, yeah.  For real though, I am loving my shorter hair. 

This is a big week of celebration.  My nephew turns 10, I celebrate a year at my new job, which, I guess no longer makes it new, but rather, my job.  Jim's birthday is Thursday, and then there's Mother's Day.  Which, BTW!  I paid upgraded postage on the mailer I sent Mom for mother's day.  Last Tuesday.  It still hasn't arrived - though it looks like it might get there today.  I hope so.  I get panicky about these things.  I haven't done anything about my sister's birthday, but I have a few weeks there. 

I have been playing this trivia game online called HQ, and I typically error out about four or five questions in.  Last night, on a question about Ariana Grande.  It's clear that I'm no longer culturally relevant.

Speaking of, I was watching SNL (delayed) a few weeks back, and Jack White was the musical guest.  He had four women singing back up, and I joked that they were our neighbors, the McCrary Sisters.  Matt looked closer - it WAS the McCrary sisters!  We live a few houses down from one of the four.  They perform all over the place, and given Jack's ties to Nashville, I shouldn't be surprised.  Pretty cool though.

To the left, 2.5 of the sisters are visible.  The one not shown is our neighbor.

I finally heard back about the missing dress on the Loft website. They found it, which is to say, they added the correct link and we're in business. I can't decide whether I want to order it or not. But at least I had the satisfaction of rattling cages about it. 

The thing I like most about gel manicures is also the thing I like least.  The gel stays put.  I had to basically chisel it off last night, and now my mitts look wrecked.  But it had grown out to the point where it just looked weird, so I had to do it.  Also, not the best color I ever picked.  It happens.

I picked up a new game for the phone called Two Dots.  It's old in general, but new to me.  I am stuck on the world's shittiest level, and have been for several days.  Can we invoke mercy?  No?  OK....I think that's about it. 

I'll keep you posted.