Inka Dinka Doo

Earlier this month, my fellow Nashvillian and prolific blogger friend, Chris, wrote a post that I really liked about the old Choose Your Own Adventure novels of our youth.

I recommend reading his post here.

Yesterday, I got a catalog in the mail based on the very same concept:

I don't remember how I first found out about Zingerman's.  Here's how I mean that.  Did I first hear about their food, or about their customer service.  Both are legendary.

I think I probably found out about their customer service first, then started looking at their food catalog.  They teach classes where you can go to Ann Arbor and hang with them for a week - eat great food, learn their practices, etc.  It's not cheap, but then - what is? 

Last year, I could not stop ordering from Zingerman's.  I sent host gifts (my my mother's behalf), I sent new baby gifts, happy new school year gifts, and so on.  Brownies and cookies, mostly.  I really want to try their coffee cakes.

Interestingly enough, in the Detroit Airport, there is a store that sells a lot of Zingerman's products, and I've partaken there. 

As a side note, the Detroit airport is amazing.  They have really good shopping there.  Like, surprisingly good.  I've definitely spent some cash there.

They used to have a vending machine called Utique - that sold moderate to high end products that were a little unusual.  I bought a necklace out of it shortly after Dad died because I wanted *something* to fill the gaping void in my life, and I had been on an all night flight, and I was loopy.   So, necklace - even though, we have discussed that I really don't look good in necklaces.  Also, it didn't fill the void. Not even close.

I've seen a Utique in Las Vegas as well.  I bought a cosmetic bag for a friend that said something like "In the event of an emergency, please apply your mascara before assisting others". 

The other fun vending machines are the Art-o-Rama machines that are made from old cigarette machines.  Artists make small pieces - jewelry, craft, etc. that fit in a cigarette sized box, and for a few bucks, you can pick up a one-of-a-kind work of art.  I've gotten a pair of earrings that way.  I also bought a ring made of felt in a bid to fill the empty void left when Lola died.  What I'm saying here, is that I shop as a coping mechanism.  It doesn't work. Neither does binge eating.  Whatever, whatever.

So, my side note went long.

Zingerman's wrote a fun Father's day catalog that follows the conventions of the old CYOA novels, and the cover for the thing is just spectacular. 

I can highly recommend them if you want to wow someone.  Also, their customer service is truly epic.

Moving on. 

It's starting to get hot in Nashville.  The first week of crazy hot weather, I start to worry that I won't survive the summer.  Spoiler alert - I have every year so far.  But when your kneecaps start sweating, buckle up.

I have been working on some data entry at the office, which requires concentration.  Which for me, means I need to block out talking.  I had been using white noise, but I noticed it was making me crazy sleepy.  So today, I have instrumentals.  That was after testing classical, piano easy listening, and piano layered with white noise.  I'm not sold on the royalty free music, but it does block out the talking.  First world problems, obvi.

Also, there are more people in this world than you would expect with the first name Unique.

Those are my takeaways for today.  Carry on!