Yesterday and again today, I did battle with the almighty fashion world.  Recently, Loft (an Ann Taylor spin-off brand) launched a plus size line, and it has some cute stuff.

They have been hitting the targeted ads on social media in a big way, and they made the mistake of featuring a dress that does not appear on their site.  In fact, if you click the link purported to be said dress, it takes you to a dress that looks like a baby shit all over the curtains of a 1970s doublewide.

She's selling it, but this dress is the meh-est of meh.

I am not easily fooled.

I got on the chat with "Char".  She had no idea what the story was, but assured me she'd pass it on to her marketing department.  Her thought was that either it was not available yet, or it was sold out.  Either way, I think I want the dress.  But I need to see what kind of fabric, how much they want for it, etc.

I also worked on a review of a shirt I bought on Lands End.  It was advertised as Tencel - a fabric I love and find very easy to wear.  It arrived, and was stiff and rumpled looking.  Turns out, it's linen.  Linen does not wear well.  And I wrote a review of the shirt.  I have a receipt that indicates it was sold as Tencel, but they have since fixed the website.  So... I have this linen shirt that I intend to use as a bathing suit cover up this season.  I look like a pastel sack of potatoes in the damn thing.  I keep hoping that the powers that be read my compelling review and offer me recompense of some kind.  Yes, I suppose I could return it, but I've already worn and washed it.  So, yeah.  Also, I'm lazy.

I sent my Mother a present for Mother's Day.  It's aquarium passes for her California trip - don't worry - I checked with the boyfriend, and they are definitely planning to go.  I am patting myself on the back for this one.  Also, she can't use the interwebs too well, so unless you go and tell her, it'll be a surprise when it arrives - roughly tomorrow or Friday.

I need to hook my nephew up with a birthday present, and my BFF has his birthday next week.  It's a month of celebrations.

For now, though... it's time for bed.  Sleep, perchance to dream.

Love you, mean it!