Can Do!

Sometimes, something shakes out of the recesses of my brain and I couldn't tell you what reminded me of it.

The other day, it was the childhood taunt and retort:

"Monkeys always look!"

"Apes always tell 'em to!"

What made me think of it?  I don't know.  I haven't said it in easily three decades.

I may need to bring it back.  I'm always a little wary of things I said that long ago, because they may have some undertone that I'm oblivious to.  See:  recent story about House Boys.

I spent a lot of my weekend working with strawberries.  I bought two buckets of them (plus a pint) at the Farmer's Market. 

Given that I am a smarty (cheap), I opted to buy buckets marked as "jam berries" - $10 per, rather than the prettier berries that were $18 a bucket.  The berries are perfectly fine.  They are a little bumpy and weird looking.  Some were missing the green leafy tops, but they were totally fine.  Ugly berries make great preserves.  I should know - I just turned $20 worth of berries into two cases of 4 ounce jars and 1 case of 8 ounce jars.  Plus a cobbler. 

Jam berries!  Indeed.

Here's how I make cobbler.  Put fruit in a pan.  Crush it a little to release juices.  Melt a stick of butter or margarine and add to it a box of yellow cake mix.  Mix til it resembles wet sand.  Top the fruit with the cake mixture and bake at 350 til it looks ready.  Serve hot with vanilla ice cream.

So, anyway.  Now there's preserves.

I got a pedicure, and I got the lecture about how dry my feet are.  Yes, yes. I'm aware.  I wonder if they're getting a kickback from Vaseline, because they all recommend it.  Everyone, everywhere.  It's magic, apparently.

I tip really well, so that I don't have to hear the Vaseline Monologues.  And yet...

The Preds are in peril.  They have to win their next two games to stay in it.  BOTH.  And they are having a hard time against Winnipeg.  Sigh.  It's hard to be a Preds fan.

Tomorrow is another day.  I'm going to crush it.  Let's hope Pekka Rinne is with me.  And all his friends...