Blatant Consumerism

You know, from time to time, I get a little spendy.  I'm going to talk a little about the stuff I'm buying and review it for you.

Minute Maid Light Lemonade (15 Calorie) - This is the refrigerated stuff, stocked with orange juice and the like, not the stuff in cans, which, I don't hate.  But this, well, it's spectacular.  I like a good lemonade.  I like a bad lemonade.  They make a tropical punch and a pink lemonade.  The punch is great, the pink is pretty meh.  Available at your grocery store.

The Baiden Exfoliation Mitten - I really want, some day, to visit a Korean Spa or a Hammam for a scrub-down.  But until that day, this sandpapery thing takes off the dead skin en masse.  My legs look less alligator-y after one use.  Expensive, but I don't care.  Amazon.

Two Dots - This is technically free, unless you want to buy extra lives or power-ups and whatnot.  It's a puzzle app, and I'm currently on level 127.  And have been for days.  It's marked as a hard level, so I don't feel bad.  Apple Play or Android Play.

Accepting hints.  Please.  Please?

Fiskars Titanium Power Gear Tree Pruners - I could probably remove a human arm with these.  Let's hope it never comes to that.  Home Depot.

The Singapore Noodle Salad from Chopt - I'm a fan of Chopt, big time.  My colleagues and I eat there at least once a week, often more.  Today, one of my colleagues bought us lunch from there, and it was marvelous.  If they are out of noodles, sub for quinoa.  Chopt.

Rick and Morty - Also a "free" item, when you buy a cable package.  I'm late to the party, but that is some crazy ass story telling.  While you're on Adult Swim, check out Squidbillies and their new show, Joe Pera Talks to You.  It's weird but not off-putting.  Joe vaguely reminds me (in look) of a guy I dated eons ago.  Adult Swim.

McDonald's Chocolate Chip Cookies - Dammit, why are they so good?  Dirt cheap and solidly good cookies.  Damn.  The Golden Arches.

Fructis Garnier Hair Products - These are inexpensive and effective, and they smell really nice.  I like the paste the best, but the gel doesn't suck, either.  Walmart, Target, et al.

Loft - They just started carrying plus sizes, and I bought the wild dress I wanted, and it's perfection.  Loft.

Walgreen's Heel Balm - Another solution for dry skin.  It's easy, effective and less greasy than Vaseline.  Walgreen's.

The Chunky Bead Lanyard - Multi With Breakaway Clasp - This was a replacement for a smaller beaded lanyard I bought last summer.  When it arrived, I thought it was a bit too chunky, and I worried that it wouldn't go with anything.  Surprise - it looks awesome and goes with EVERYTHING.  It's a magic lanyard. I use it with my work badge, which I wear eight hours a day, five days a week.  Amazon.

It doesn't pair well with gold, but otherwise, it's amazing.

Generic Icy Hot - I love the icy, I tolerate the hot.  The Walgreen's version is Cool 'n' Warm.  Retailers everywhere.

Coca-Cola's bottles with names on them - My goal is Allison on a Coke Zero.  If you see that, buy it and I will pay a generous finder/shipping fee.  I'd be happy with the same on a Coke or Diet Coke, but Zero is my brand. Just about anywhere.

That's a decent list for now.  I will state for the record that I have not received payment in goods, services or money for my endorsement of any of the above - but I can be bought.  Hit me up.



Christopher said…
Chopt looks like it's a bit out of my way but, wow, I really want to try it now. Also those tree pruners. I have put off cutting down honeysuckle in the backyard for too long and some of it is threatening to destroy the fence. Also it's an invasive and kills other plants around it.
And if I find a Coca-Cola with your name on it I will give it to you for free.
Sometimes I think consumerism is a good thing but so is generosity.