Analysis for Common Dreams of the Chronically Exhausted

Note:  I am neither a doctor nor an analyst.  I am merely a dreamer.  Enjoy!

Teeth falling out:  You are anxious about something.  Perhaps something you have said, or have to say, or want to say, but can’t. Maybe you said something you shouldn't have.  Maybe you have cavities.  Alternately, you might just need a gentler toothbrush.

At school taking a test you didn’t study for, or a class you’ve never been to, or you’re naked, and/or you can’t get your locker open:  You are anxious about something.  Perhaps you feel unprepared for a challenge in your waking life.  Maybe you feel like you are not as intelligent as the people around you, or that you are about to be tested (either literally or figuratively) and you’re not sure what the outcome will be.  Alternately, you have some unfinished business at your old High School.  Let it go – the statute of limitations on both library fines and revenge are well past.

You’re naked, in general:   You are anxious about something.  Perhaps you feel exposed in your waking life.  Either emotionally or physically, you do not feel comfortable about your surroundings.  Alternately, your significant other may have stolen your covers and you are literally exposed.

You are packing for a trip without success, and/or searching through a closet for something and not finding it:  You are anxious about something.  You may feel like you are being taken away from something familiar and you are not ready for it.  The closet could symbolize your emotional state – you know there is something you want or need, you just can’t find it.  Often, the item in question is a single shoe.  This indicates that you do not feel like you are standing on solid ground, that you’re not ready to take the journey.  Alternately, it could mean that are about to win a set of luggage in a radio contest.

Trouble reading, writing, or typing something important:  You are anxious about something.  Letters and numbers in dreams tend to be jumbled, so it’s not surprising you can’t dial a phone, open a combination lock, read a schedule, etc.  This indicates that you are having trouble figuring out a solution to a problem.  It could be emotional, situational; physical… it may be that you’re unable to “read” a person or event that affects you.  Alternately, this could be your way of resolving being put in the lowest Math group in 3rd grade.  Who’s crushing multiplication now, Mrs. Gilburn?

House in Disrepair:  You are anxious about something.  Leaking roofs, busted pipes, ceilings falling in, floors cracking – these are all symbolic of something bigger.  Something crucial in your life is in, or has the potential to be in chaos.  It could be your health, a relationship, finances, a job, or even quite literally your residence.  Alternately, leaks and drips may indicate that you need to pee.

Searching everywhere for a bathroom: You are anxious about something.  You are anxious about needing to pee.  Alternately, you are looking within yourself for something deeply personal and you don’t want to talk to the rest of the world about it.

Elevators, Escalators, Stairs and Parking Decks:   You are anxious about something.    These dreams often indicate uncertainty about status.  You can’t find a way to get to the level you want to be on, or you feel that you are too high or too low.  If the elevator is moving too quickly, it may indicate that you feel you have taken on more than you are comfortable with.  Alternately, it could mean you just needed somewhere to park your dream car.

Sex: You are anxious about something.  But who cares?  You’re having sex!  Is it a co-worker (or superior)?  Nice!  Go with the flow.  If it’s enjoyable, rock on.  If it’s uncomfortable, console yourself that it’s not really about sex.  That makes it a dream about power.   Sure, it’s going to be awkward in your waking life, but after a few days, you’ll forget all about that hot dream with Trina from HR.  But now you’ll never think of the copier room the same way.   There is no guilt in sex dreams.  We cannot control our brains.   It should be noted that dreams allow you to explore what is forbidden without consequence.  So go ahead, eat that whole cake, buy the yacht, snort coke off the abs of Tatum Channing.  That's dream life only.  In waking life, egg white omelet, hold the yacht, coke and Tatum.

A Night Without Dreams:  You took NyQuil, didn’t you?  Sure, you’re “rested” but good luck shaking that brain fog before 2PM.


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