We went to Atlanta this weekend for a whirlwind experience, and man, am I exhausted.

We drove down Friday morning, got in around lunch time and stopped at Moxie Burger.  It's a local place - their namesake burger includes pimiento cheese and a fried green tomato, and it's so, so good.  We sat on their deck and ate.

Hello.  Is it me you're looking for?

We met Mom at the house after she got off work, chatted a little and rested before dinner.  I took her, her boyfriend, his son and his son's girlfriend to a place called Chicken and The Egg for dinner.  A farm to table kind of upscale southern place.  It was fun. I had braised short ribs over smoked gouda grits and garlic green beans.  Wow!

Matt and I got up early Saturday AM (5:30 ET, thank you), and drove to the cabin for work day.  We had been expecting rain and cold temps all day.  The morning was gray and overcast, but by afternoon, it had burned off.   They put me on the roof of the tractor barn, patching holes.  The truth is, they need to peel the damn roof off, replace some rotten beams, and put some new tin up.  On Saturday, though - they handed me a bucket of ancient tar and a stick.  The tar was cold, stuff and ancient, so I started using my hands.  Effective but messy.  I was covered in tar by lunch break.  

We have not yet turned the water on this year.  It still may freeze up there, so we'll do that next time.  I brought two gallons of water for drinking and hygiene purposes.  So, I used kerosene to remove the tar, then washed my hands with the gallon of water.  

Because!  I had a baby to meet.  We went to see our friends' new baby.  Her name is Avery, and I am OBSESSED with this kid.  She is nearly eight months old and cute, happy and sweet.  Her parents, Cara and Ginny have been friends for years.  Cara is a school teacher, and Ginny is taking a break from social work with the Department of Family Services.  So you know, real money-grubbing, selfish people.  

Matt and I both got to hold her, pet their dog and just visit.  They are the cutest family and I am glad I know them.

After lunch, I got a trowel and some rubber gloves, and made quick cleaner work of the roof.  

On the ride home, I was in a fender bender.  The cops were running radar on GA 400, and traffic stopped.  This kid behind me tapped me going about 10 MPH.  Enough that I felt the impact and pitched forward.  But the car itself looks fine.  Unless you knew specifically what to look for, you wouldn't know.

But we pulled over, the cops came, and I was super polite to them.  They asked if we were OK.  I told him fine - I had broken a nail but it happens.  They got our info and gave us case info and sent us going. The kid ended up having to sort through some other issue.  Could have been DUI, no license, no insurance.  I felt bad for the kid because he looked distressed.

Once we got home, we were running late - well, not really, because we had stressed we didn't know when we would be home, so please, don't make plans.  That fell on deaf ears, and we arrived to my mother pacing and fretting.  I would listen to her frantic voicemail this morning.  She was freaked out because we were due for a cookout at her boyfriend's house.  I sent her without me, called the insurance company, bathed quickly and sped to his house.  Matt stayed home, and I got the icy glare of death from my mother the whole dinner.  

Whatever.  I was sore, tired and anxious.  I was also charming and chatty and cooperative.  So, you get what you get.  I learned some years ago that forcing Matt to do anything was a bad move.  He would make you and himself miserable.

So, after we got home, I talked through it with Mom, got her to let it go, and we all went to bed.

I drove us back this morning - we were home by noon.  I went for a pedicure - a fun teal called Amaz-on, Amaz-off.  Then it was time to get Piper.  I picker her up, and she was so glad to see me.  I went to the DIY Dog Wash, gave her a quick bath, and then home.

From there it has been a blur of laundry, pizza and a nap.  I got some WD-40 and a rag to remove the last of the tar. I washed my hair for the first time in *cough, cough*...  

And now, I'm sitting here, catching up.  I'm sleepy.  My sinuses are bogged down, I have a sore throat, and my lip is cracked.  I'm the total package. 

On that note... good night.