I've been eating really badly for the last... I don't know, thirty years?  No, to be serious, the past two weeks have been wretched, and as a result of a high fat, low fiber culinary carbfest, my innards are a little uncooperative.  As a result, I purchased some "gentle, overnight relief" that is marketed to ladies.  Because if I'm going to take a pill, I want it to be pink, fast and feminine.

Mother's little helper.

Tangentially adjacent to that is a little challenge that's making the rounds on Twitter.  Apparently, some guy posted a piece of writing where he was writing in first person as a woman, describing herself.  And a female writer (Gwen Katz) found it and skewered him.  Here are a few of his finer passages:

So the challenge went out on Twitter - describe yourself as a male writer would.

Here is what I tweeted:

She was completely forgettable, if you even noticed her in the first place. She was fat enough that you were aware she was taking up too much space, but not so fat that she should just stay home.