Kickin' Down

This is another one of those all over the place entries.  Strap in and hang on!
I have spent much of this week working on data entry - it's in a clinical database, so I have come across a lot of different illnesses and diagnoses that are interesting.

I am kind of a language nerd, so I love using my understanding of Latin and Greek roots, along with my small vocabulary of medical terms to try and decipher what things are.

Another way of looking at it is - there is a lot that can go wrong.  Like, a LOT.   In talking with some of the folks here, at some point, you stop looking at them, because worrying about it will make you crazy.

Still - macroglossia  - that's an enlarged tongue that can affect eating, speech, breathing and sleeping - there are many causes.  So that's something I learned this week.

Never stop learning, people.

I also spent a lot of time immersed in showtunes.  I got into Waitress - which is coming to TPAC in June, and I now think I need to get tickets.  Evan Hansen has been heavy in rotation, but we'll find out this week whether that is on the 2018-2019 TPAC schedule.  I'll get those tickets, too.

So, yesterday was my boss' final day at the office.  We will miss her, but the good news is, we have plenty to keep us busy.  A new request for proposal came in late yesterday, and we have 45 days to write a 50 page response. That sounds like a cake walk, but it means we have to be very economical with our words.  And that's not easy.  I say we - I may or may not have any work to do on the proposal, but I hope I do.

I ended up getting some serious housework done today, but I have to say - I am having a small problem with our vacuum. It sucks.  Which is to say, it's not sucking at all. I can't figure out what the heck is wrong with it, either.  Tomorrow I may need to take it outside, take it apart and figure out the problem.  Worst case scenario, it may be time to get a new vacuum.  Which isn't ideal, but honestly - we have one room that is carpeted, and an area rug that needs some love.  So, we don't need a monster - just something that can divest our modest floor coverings of pet hair.

I did some shopping today.  Belk's  was having a sale, and you know, why not?  I didn't find anything there - I did go to Torrid, which is clothing for the younger, trendier (sluttier) woman of size.  Lots of bodycon, black with skulls, lace up shirts, short distressed denim, hooker heels - so you know, my wheelhouse.

What I like about Torrid is their dressing rooms.  They aren't huge, but they're a good size.  There is ample space to hang things, they are well lit, with good mirrors.  But the key feature that stands out is that each one is equiped with a fan.  It's mounted on the wall and angled down.  You control it.

I say this because trying on clothes almost always makes me overheat.  And recently, I've been experiencing what I can only assume are hot flashes. So having a nice breeze while I dress and undress repeatedly is pleasant.

I tried on a variety of sizes, shapes and colors.  Unfortunately, both curry yellow and band aid peach are in style this year.  I can wear both in as an accent color, assuming they are paired with a more accessible color.   I ended up getting my usual.  A gauzy flowy blouse with a floral print (sometimes I mix it up and get paisley print instead).  It's pretty though - I don't have anything in the same print/color family currently.

I picked up some good olive oil at Whole Foods.  I took two boxes of stuff to be shredded - the local Better Business Bureau was having a shred day.

Even with a nap, I got a ton done.

Tomorrow is grocery time.  And laundry time.  And hockey.  The Preds can advance if they win tomorrow.

When they win. 

Accentuate the positive, y'all.