Goddammit, McSweeney's, What Is Your Motherf*%$ing Problem?!?!

Are we up to five rejection letters?  Six?  Who knows.

I got my standard, "Thanks for the look, we're not going to use this". 

What I can tell you is that this one may not be McS-worthy, but it made me laugh.

And I needed a good laugh.  So, with that I give you:

Less Successful Goat Yoga Fitness Knock-Offs

Porcupine Pilates

Cardio Strip Tease with Boas (feather and snake)

Shark ’n’ Splash Water Aerobics

Kangaroo Kickboxing

Kitten Powerlifting

Skunk Zumba

Sloth Crossfit

Cheetah Marathons

Flamingo Barre

Spinning with Guinea Pigs

Panda Sculpt

Hissing Cockroach Step Aerobics

Abs and Alligators/Core and Crocodiles

Otter Insanity! ™

Leg Day with Llamas

Good Gnus for Glutes

Yak Boot Camp

Capybara Circuit Training

Walking your actual Goldendoodle, Bailey

(If Otter Insanity! ™ doesn't amuse you a little, you may be dead inside)

Love and Rejection Letters,


This is freaking hilarious, so screw McSweeney's. But I suppose it's time for me to prepare another submission for rejection, too.