Code Black and White!!!

This morning, I had to drop Piper off at the boarding/grooming/training place.  We found a place we like in West Nashville, and even though it's a bit of a haul, it suits our needs.

What's funny is Piper's need to protect me while we're en route, and just generally.  Here is a list of what she assessed as threats:

- School kids at the bus stop

- All cars that drive down our alley when she's outside

- Robins

- Squirrels

- The son of our next door neighbor who parks his car in the alley at least three times a day to load/unload... something - I have no idea

- Older woman selling copies of The Contributor

- A Doritos delivery truck

- A Cintas uniforms truck

- The woman with a beagle at the front desk of the dog place

-The beagle with the woman at the front desk of the dog place

Threat Level Defcon 13!

These were not threats:

- UPS truck

- The panhandler at Charlotte and 40 West

- Strangers sans dogs at the boarding/grooming/training place

- People pumping gas at the Thornton's on Charlotte Pike.

Weirdly, neither sirens, nor fireworks, nor storms freak her out.  Someone knocking on the door on TV gets her attention, but in real life, she's ON TOP OF IT.  To which I say, good.   She seems to know that if it's just a delivery from Amazon (or whatever), she can stop immediately, whereas anyone else is a problem.

Yesterday, one of the neighbor kids opened our side gate and left it open.  I didn't know this, as I never check those gates because Matt and I DON'T use them, and they are not in my line of sight unless I specifically go look.  Which I believe I will be doing from now on, because, neighborhood kids.

Piper escaped, obviously.  I got in the car and tracked her down a block north, half block east.  But the car make it easier to get her.  On foot, she just keeps running.  But if I pull up with the car and open the door, she hops right in.  Bless her fuzzy heart.

And with that, I need to work down my threats - traffic and running out of gas.  Living the dream, one day at a time.


Christopher said…
Our youngest watches TV. All of our dogs will react if they hear a squeaky toy or a cat or dog barking on TV, but the youngest also becomes fascinated by commercials and various shows. There seems to be no pattern. Sometimes I wish I could peer into their brains and understand exactly how they think.
Piper's escape, as brief as it was, made my heart skip a beat. I'm glad she's back home.