Beam Ice

So, the week is winding down, and into the weekend.  Well, I mean, today was hump day.  Tomorrow is the first game of the Predators' playoff season, and then it's Friday - which means pay day, lunch with Jim, and weekend.

Given the breakneck pace of last weekend, I am anticipating that the coming weekend will be total sloth.  I'm ready.  So ready.

I'll be honest - this week has felt kind of emotionally exhausting.  My trip to Atlanta took a lot out of me - it doesn't matter how wonderful your family is, family tends to raise the stakes. 

And then, the whole "boss leaving" thing left me kind of spinning.  It's that vertigo thing, all over again.  Oh, you minxy little equilibrium!

When I was a high school frosh, I auditioned for, and got into a drama workshop with a senior - a bearded redhead we called MB, who, as it turned out, was friends with the senior I ended up dating at the end of that year.  Anyway -  he showed us this movie - an artsy little think piece called Koyaanisqatsi (Life out of Balance) - it was a bunch of nature and city scenes sped up and slowed down, then set to Philip Glass music.   I remember referring to it from time to time if I was feeling especially high-brow, but if you and I are being completely honest with one another, and let's be - I thought it was kind of boring as fuck. 

Truth be told, if you want to keep me happy, screen Airplane.  Chump don't want no help, Chump don't get no help.  But at the time, I was one of maybe three freshman in the workshop, and I was the only female frosh, so I tried to look smart.

Oh, Stewardess!

But every time my balance is affected, I think about that.  I also wonder what MB is up to.  I suppose I could Google him.

Fun story.  I once Googled a guy I went out with a few times in college, and I got his mug shots.  Plural.

Huh, I'll be damned.  MB is a college professor.  Published.  Good for you, MB.

Small world, people.

Anyway - my life is decidedly out of balance.  I need more water, less salt, fewer calories, more sunlight, less anxiety, more sleep.  Fewer bad dreams, more laughing.  More action, less reaction.  More fruit, less candy.  More self-care, less self-doubt. 

It's time.

And it's bedtime, too.

Leg 'er down and smack 'em, yak 'em.



Christopher said…
I kind of envy you seeing Koyaanisqatsi in high school. I read about it in high school for a film class. I was directing the class video and the teacher gave me a book about cinema and I went straight to the chapter on avant-garde films because that's how I roll.
Funny enough there was also a bit about Airplane! used to illustrate how camera movement can create tension.
When I went to college and saw Koyaanisqatsi I also found it boring and pretentious. Great visuals are only exciting for about five minutes. On the other hand I quote Airplane! at least once a week. about some coffee, Johnny?
I saw Koyaanisqatsi in high school, too. It was my introduction to Phillip Glass, and I remember the music much more than the visuals. Airplane! is definitely more quotable.

Hmmm, I also remember having a bearded red-headed senior in my drama class. I guess it's a trope.