Thangs to Thank About

1.  Dog food commercials make me sad, because we all know we're probably going to outlive our dog.  Even if you feed it organic llama steaks, braised in opium.   When Lola was young, I worried about her incessantly.  I've chilled substantially with Piper because having now survived the death of a pet and a parent, I feel like I'm equipped to handle things.

2.  Sometimes, I wish I had people planted to remind others it would be unwise to piss me off.  The truth is, I'm not so much vindictive, but I get my feelings hurt sometimes, and though I don't like to admit it, my skin is a touch thinner than it appears.

3.  Day two with no sugar.  I'm also attempting to limit calories, but sometimes, you have to take it one step at a time.  Also, I've eaten so much roughage, I have a case of Lego Gut.  That is to say, my belly feels like it is loaded down with Legos.  This too shall pass, literally.

4.  If I contact you, and leave a message and what I'm requesting is within your ability to reply, get back to me.  If not, let me know you're the wrong person to ask.

5. Sometimes, I throw meals together with just an idea of what I think it'll be like.  Tonight was a winner.  It was basically a chili pot pie, sort of.  We liked it, and will be taking it for lunch tomorrow.

6.  Clinique Bonus starts at Dillard's tomorrow.  Do I have time to get down there at lunch?  Do I really need more makeup?  Do I dare disturb the universe?

7.  When I was a kid, the mnemonic device for remembering planets was, "My very educated mother just served us nine pizzas."  With the demotion of Pluto, how are they teaching it?   I love mnemonic devices.  The one I used as a 2nd grader to remember the difference in Fiction and Non Fiction is that Non Fiction was not funny, Fiction was funny.  Which is not specifically accurate, but good enough in 2nd grade.   What are some good ones I'm missing?  I know about HOMES for the Great Lakes, and Roy G Biv... I'm probably forgetting others... are there good devices for remembering mnemonic devices?  Hmm.

8.  Megan Barry stepped down today.  She was our mayor.  I have a lot of feelings about it, and I'll write about it soon.  But I liked her.  I met her once and fan-girled in a big way.

9.  Day two without sugar.  Did I mention that already?  Yeah...

10. My bulletin boards at work are so popular that my boss and her boss want me to make the ones in advance for the months I won't be there.  It's the little things.  It's the tiny little things. 

11. The Preds are playing tonight, and it went a good 45 minutes without scoring - either team.   That's like a soccer game. And I hate soccer.

12. I purchased a pair of shorts tonight that were exorbitantly expensive. The reason is simple.  Eloquii, an online retailer for women of size partnered with Reese Witherspoon to create a collection in her Draper James line.  They're a little fancy, but I have to vote with my dollar.  Her second collection with them comes out later in Spring, and I'll vote again then, too. Hope I got the right size.  Time will tell.

13.  Our replacement grill grate arrives tomorrow,  and I am inordinately excited.  I'm planning to break it in with burgers.  The only bad news is that tomorrow is supposed to be a little chilly.

And I guess we'll leave it there.

Sweet dreams.