Technical Difficulties

Hey everyone!

So, my personal laptop shit the bed last night. After talking with the guy at Dell, troubleshooting, he got down to brass tacks.
My DC port is defective. It's a known issue.

So at lunch, I took it to Kinko's, which is no longer called that, but I will never stop calling it that. I paid $25 for approved packaging (free return shipping, though).

Then I went to Starbucks and got a venti skim latte. It was amazing.

All of this to say, they are going to fix it and then ship it back.  I had to do a back up on it. Good times.

So, I will be sans laptop for awhile.  The upshot is that unless I can grab a few minutes at work, I may be off the blogscape for a bit.

Don't worry. I will be back soon.

Love you!


Christopher said…
When you come back I want you to know you've prompted me to go and get a venti skim latte because that sounds really good right now.
And my boss gave me a Starbuck's gift card for the December holidays that I have not yet used.