It's not me, it's you...

For the past six or seven years, give or take, my friend Jim and I have had lunch together once a week, again, give or take.  That's a lot of lunches.  When we were working together in Cool Springs, it was far easier to plan.  We would meet, take the elevator down to the garage and drive somewhere close based on our mood, the likelihood of it being crowded, etc.

We ate plenty of sushi, Thai, Chinese, Mexican, Italian - but our standby was Logan's.  No matter where we were, dietarily, it had something for everyone.

We worked through some serious shit at Logan's.  I remember that around this time last year, I was sitting at a table at Logan's, telling Jim that this woman from a company where I had applied for a job had looked at my profile - so I checked, and she appeared to be the hiring manager.  Should I message her an introduction?  He said, sure, why not?  And I did.  And within a few weeks I was interviewing with her, and within another few weeks, I had a job offer in hand.  So that woman was my boss' boss.  And I am so glad I made that decision.  Obviously.

Over the past several years, though, the place has gone steadily downhill.  It's never crowded, the service is slow and shruggy, the peanut buckets appear to be more shell than nut.  Basically, it's on the way out.

Pull your nuts together, Logan!

We met there today, and I think we are officially done with it, for good.  The food was meh, the service was sub-meh, and there are literally hundreds of other options near our two respective places of work.

So, Logan - I tried.  I tried to make it work.  I'll always appreciate the sustenance and nourishment you gave me.   You satiated my hunger.  You quenched my thirst.  You were a source of comfort and respite from the world.  But you've changed.  And I would be a fool to think you'll be what I deserve from you  ever again.

I know I've left several times saying it was over, and I came back.  Next time I am not coming back.  I know your buns are the steamiest, but you're stingy with them, and I need more than you can provide me.

We had some good times, so let's just part ways and leave it at that.

I will never forget you!

OK, so now that I've broken up with a minor steak franchise, let's move on.

This morning, I was feeling the need for coffee.  It's rare that I do, but today, I just felt like it was time.  So, I stopped at ye olde Starbucks near the office and ordered a doppio espresso (that's a double, y'all).  I brought it into work and added my own milk.  A poor man's latte.  It was good, though.  Sadly, I now feel a little mid-afternoon crash coming on, and I'd love some sugar to shake out of it.  I will likely settle for caffeine.  In some form.

There is Easter candy aplenty around here - I'm not the only sugar addict in these parts.  I need Easter to be over so that the sweets recede into the landscape.  Right now, we're all slightly obsessed with Peeps.  Namely, the fruit punch flavored ones.  It should be gross, but it feels so right.

I sent some pants back to Old Navy yesterday because they were too big.  That's kind of a huge deal.  I wasn't sure they'd fit in a too small kind of way, so imagine my surprise...

Once they arrive, I really need to cool it on the spending.  Well, I mean, technically, they're paid for.  I am waiting for the credit on my account, then I'm good to go.  So, really - it stops now.

I feel like I'm making all these dire proclamations. And they're all "No" Statements.  No spending!  No sugar!  No Logan's!  What I need to be making are some "Yes" statements.  Yes to fiscal responsibility!  Yes to healthier choices and moderation!  Yes to voting with my dollar!  Yes to me, dammit!

It appears that my laptop has once again, allegedly been repaired.  I have concerns.  Obviously, I have concerns.   All I know is that I have spent a lot of time at UPS stores and Kinko's in the past month.  Too much.

Yes, I know they haven't called it Kinko's in years, but IDGAF, that's what it will always be.  Much like some Atlantans still think of Macy's as Davison's, and/or Rich's.   They used to be rival local department stores.  Davison's got Macyed in the late 80s.  Rich's got Macyed in the early 2000s.  Anyway.  That may not be a great example, because Rich's and (to a lesser extent) Davison's were great.  Macy's, at least in current day, blows.  Really, most department stores do - it's a sign of the times.

Again, vote with that dollar, dollar bill, y'all.

Over and out!


Christopher said…
It's always sad when an old favorite goes downhill. There was a sushi place near us where I picked up so many to-go orders they not only recognized my voice and knew my name but could guess what I was going to order. Then it changed hands and everything good about it is gone.
And librarians have a thing about Peeps. (Technically I'm not a librarian but a library paraprofessional, but that's another story.) We haven't done it for a few years but used to have Peepapalooza and served Peeps in many forms. That included Peeps dipped in chocolate.
I still couldn't eat Peeps, though. I dipped fruit in the chocolate.