Gutsy Move

I've been doing a boatload of browsing clothes online, and I have a few thoughts.

1.  The cold shoulder look has to go.  So many cute tops, ruined. 

2.  In re: tops  - the bubble hem has to go.  Also the sharkbite hem, and the high-low hem.  Barf.

3.  The pocket flaps over each breast are ridic.  No woman is going to use those pockets, and few of us want to draw attention to our chest in that way.  Give me cleavage or a bodycon fit. Not two lumps of fabric and buttons.  What's worse is that they are typically non-functional, so they could have been left off.

4. Skinny jeans aren't for me.   They make me look like this:

5.  There are some sad colors this season.  Merlot Stain, Acid Mucus, Dusky Bruised Quinoa... I love a nice bright, easy to wear color.  Reds, Pinks, Oranges... and where's all the Ultra Violet we're supposed to be seeing?

6. Synthetics - knits are great for travel - I celebrate them.  But the problem is, they can be heavy, or clingy, or fade easily, or get fuzzy, or overstretched... need I go on?

7.  Where are the staple items of yesteryear?  It's hard to find plain skirts, blouses, pants... everything is lace up, or embroidered, or bedazzled.  Or there's a visible weird zipper, or an odd neckline.  There are just so many things that can go wrong.

8.  In spite, or perhaps because of my body issues, I am actually considering a two-piece swimsuit.  And I don't mean a tankini and skort.  We're talking bikini.  They have made some strides in the last few years in plus size swim wear.  The thing is, I don't know how I'd look in one, so I'm going to have to either suck it up, order a bajillion different sizes and be prepared to return - or, go to a store that actually carries them. 

Truth be told, my belly is not the most attractive part of me.  I have a birthmark, a mole that looks like a Cocoa Krispie, and a series of stretch marks that make it look like the thin woman inside me has been attempting to claw her way out.  The mole, I could deal with - I have that remover cream that would make quick work of it.  But the rest requires good lighting, plastic surgery, and some confidence.  So, we'll see.

I did order some khakis  -  only one pair is legit khaki colored, the others are navy, black and gray.  I should be good to go, at least on bottom.  Now it's time to find shirts:

You're the tops, you're the clothes in summer!  You're the tops, and that's not a bummer!
So, I'll keep plugging at that.  Like you do.

Tomorrow, my boss is back, and all of my team is in house - which should be good - we need each other.

And I'll keep fighting the fight.  Such as it is.