Five Alive!

So, the thing is, change is inevitable.  It just is.  And for the most part, I can roll with it.  But as flexible as I am, sometimes change is just disappointing, frustrating, and depressing.  And at the moment, that's where I am.

I am trying to put a cheerful spin on it, but here's the analogy I would give.  Let's say you're a marathon runner.  And for six months, you have been preparing for a marathon that will be your first one in awhile, and you know that lots of people are going to be placed along the course rooting for you.  You've trained.  You've gotten a hotel room.  You have your shoes broken in and waiting to go.  You have your number pinned to your singlet, and you've been talking about this marathon for months.  Everyone is excited for you. 

And then, you find out that the marathon is postponed.  So you adjust for the new date.  And that happens a few more times.  So you fine tune your gait, you stretch, and lift weights, and keep a schedule that has you ready to go.  And then, finally, they tell you your marathon isn't going to happen.  And you have all this energy invested in it, and now the plug has been pulled.  And those people who love you and mean well suggest you just take a stroll around the neighborhood.  They talk about a fun 10K you can do, or maybe you can fill in for someone doing roller derby.

Anyway - I just need a little grumble and pout time.  This will pass.  Six months from now, I'll laugh about it.

I worked on my personal budget today.  I've been way too spendy recently, and I need to get it together.  I also need to start a savings account.   And pay off my car.  And start saving for car repair, should it be necessary.

I am feeling scattered, smothered and covered.  But at least I am not chunked and topped.

Speaking of all things culinary, we have a new place we like for lunch - it's called Chopt, and it's salads, assembled, then chopped, dressed and packaged up.  I ate lunch for 520 calories today, and I am genuinely full.  And full of healthy stuff.  We have been there three times in the past week.  Yes, I know that being fiscally responsible means that I should be brown-bagging - and I often do.  I don't buy fancy coffee often, I don't buy designer bags, or pricey shoes.  Give me my salads, dammit.

Yeah, clearly I'm out of sorts.  We'll have to see how that plays out.

The laptop is still presumably in the hands of the Dell Overlords.  I hope I get it back before I go to Chattanooga, but this is me, not holding my breath.

Anyway - that's about it for today.  Basically similar to yesterday, but with a food review.  Hooray, food!



Asking this because I feel I can ask it at this point.

Are you OK?

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Love you.