Back to Back

Well, great news, everyone!  My laptop is home, and it is now working.  Fully functional and happy that they did not have to wipe it clean, which was a great surprise.

Work is picking up.  I'm going to be working on a few projects - some more in my wheelhouse than others, but I am glad to be working.  We also move to a new location in our office this week.  I'm not thrilled because it puts us near the gym showers.  There are two private bathrooms with shower, toilet and sink that are just outside the office gym.  They are supposed to be used for post-workout showers and change, but people being people, plenty of folks go in there to poop in peace.  Which would be OK, if they closed the doors after leaving.  But they often don't, and therein lies the problem.

Dropped deuces.

I also don't love that I still have my back to the hallway.  It's fine. I don't merit a window seat, but if I got to pick, obviously...  anyway.  I take it to mean that I am trustworthy enough that the powers that be don't object to what's on my monitor to the point of needing to conceal it.  Yeah, that's the premise.

Anyway.  I am starting to get a little street cred among people outside my team, and that feels good.  We're nearly a year in, and I am still in honeymoon phase.

I went to goat yoga yesterday, and I loved it.  There were a few people who kind of monopolized the baby goats, but I remember what it was like to be young, and beautiful and entitled.  Wait, no, no I don't.  

Don't fear - I got plenty of goat snuggle time, and I was glad to have it.  I ended up next to three girls having a little outing - I offered to take pictures for them.  One of them rescued me when this goat named Liberty started eating my hair.  She definitely got some.  I don't mind.  It's hair.

Dad used to say I could talk the ears off a billy goat.   Not so.  

Note that they all still have their ears.  Are they sweet looking or what?

I realize it's completely ridiculous to pay good money to go hang out in a room with a bunch of barn animals and do some half-assed stretching.  But the thing is, I would do it again.   I love me some goats.  They are wonderfully therapeutic.  Of course, I can pet the dog with similar results, so I'll do that as well.

So, good weekend, I have my electronics in order, and now, it's getting into a work week with some business to mind.

And I don't mind at all.