Back in the Saddle...NOT!

Hey everyone, I'm baaaaack.  They managed to replace the DC port on my computer and it is back where it belongs.  For tonight.  Tomorrow, I'm going send it back, because, although they replaced the port, it still does not charge the battery when plugged in, which they could have checked and determined in under a minute - especially given that this was the exact reason I sent it in.  Now, if I remove the battery, it will run directly on the adapter. So that turns my laptop into a desktop.  I had a few choice words for the rep who picked up the phone tonight.  I hate it for him, but this is apparently quite common with Dell computers.  They now tell me it's the motherboard.  To which I say, "Motherf***er!"

I have to tell you - this whole Spring Forward has really messed with me.  All week.  I can't seem to motivate in the morning - and I'm sleepy and a little out of sorts.

I've also had scads of strange dreams with all-star casts from Middle School and High School.  I've done some screaming in my sleep, talking in my sleep, and a modicum of actual sleeping in my sleep.  I am hoping that this weekend offers some rest.  Although, I know for sure that I have an appointment at the veterinarian on Saturday AM.  Good times.  I'm kind of glad, because it's St. Patrick's Day, and I will have a bandanna for her to wear.  It's the little things.

Beyond that, let's see.  I am meeting friends for dinner tomorrow - a local place that looks fancier than I normally do, but I'm up for a challenge. That said, the dessert menu appeals to me far more than anything on the dinner menu.  Isn't that always the way?

I am at about 11 days without desserts/sugar/candy/cookies/cake/pie... and it's awesome!  I love it!  I'm lying!  I cannot seem to shed but about a pound - my snacking is a little problematic.  But to be fair, 1600 calories a day isn't much, unless you eat a lot of pinestraw, or drink so much water that you basically wear a path between your desk and the restrooms.

I think I need more protein.  Or "good" fat.  Or something.  Whatever...

Anyway, once again, I may be laptopless again for another few days.  I should have time to keep everyone posted from work, but on the off chance that I'm wrong...  I'll catch you up next week.

Peace out for now.