To pieces...

So, today is my Friday.  At the request of my manager, I am taking a day off.  She wants us to get some much needed personal time before we hit the ground in Arkansas.  So, I'm taking tomorrow off.  The primary objective is a haircut, and everything else that happens is gravy. 

That said, I'm always nervous when I have time off, because you never know what can happen when you're gone.

When I was in school, I always assumed that if I was gone from school for a day, I would miss something major.  That never happened, but the running joke at my last job is that shit would hit the fan whenever I was on the road.

I'm sure tomorrow will be fine.  And!  Haircut!

I appreciate working with people who get me - they acknowledge my anxiety, they assure me that they will keep me posted.  It's refreshing.

My friend Jim is coming back to Nashville this weekend after a brief sabbatical up North.  We have plans to get together and debrief when possible.

I don't really have much happening.  I have been super productive at work, the house is slowly starting to come back together, and Spring will be here before we know it.  In some ways, it already is!  We've had warm weather much of the week.  Rain, too.  But it's getting light out earlier, staying light later.  We survived the worst of it.

And I live in Nashville.  Where winter is kind of a nothingburger.   I used to think I could hack it in Maine... I realize I was incorrect in that assumption.

I went to lunch with colleagues today, speaking of burgers - we found a place we like.  Now, personally, I've never met a hamburger I didn't like.  We all know that!  This place also has great fries, onion rings and shakes.  It is the total package.  Plus, good company.

Things are falling into place in a good way.  

And did I mention I'm getting my hair cut?

Later, taters!