Lightness of Being

A friend of mine said to me the other day that I looked happy in a way of "nothing weighing me down".  At that very moment, it was true.  I was feeling absolutely perfect and content.  But of course, that can only last for short moments.  I'm generally happy, but that perfect feeling of lightness is fleeting. 

I spent the weekend in Atlanta.  Starting with the haircut, ending with tune-filled, pensive ride home.  Now, I'm spending a few hours getting my life ready for another work week.  Laundry is, well, not started - but gathered.  Matt is using the washer to clean up some supplies from washing/waxing his car.  So once he's done, people laundry will follow.

So, in Atlanta, I went shopping, got a pedicure, had a few good lunches, dinners and breakfasts.  A great movie last night - Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri - and even got to see one of my favorite people in the world - Jim, the guy who I grew up across the street from (not the one who lives here).  Given that neither of our families have moved, that's not exactly astounding, except that he now lives in London - so what are the odds that we'd both be home the same weekend? I actually squealed with job when I saw him. 

Everyone needs a friend like that.  I want to be a friend like that.  I hope that if I'm not already, I will be.

One of my high school classmates died from cancer this weekend.  She and I were not friends - in fact, I am not sure we ever spoke a word to one another.  But she was close friends with a lot of people I know, and they are hurting.  So, I feel for them. 

Friends mean something, don't they?

I'm glad that I have as many of them as I do.

Lucky me.  Seriously.

And that is what gives me that weightlessness.

That and zero gravity.