Curriculum Vitae

I was instant messaging my sister, and she asked me to tell her something good.

I mean, on measure, it's all good.  I got my mammogram back, and it is clean.

There are still some important people in my life struggling, and friends of friends who are hurting.  This, too, lives under the umbrella of normal.  As we used to sing back in Middle School, it takes both rain and sun to make the tree grow strong.

Speaking of rain, we have us a bunch of that.  It has been raining since this time last night, and will continue til tomorrow afternoon. 

Monday, I get to go back to my lady bits doctor to repeat a procedure I had last year.  Basically, I have some abnormal cells, and they want to get a few more and look at them to see if they're weirder than they were last time.   I'm ready to move to the next step, where they just get rid of all the weird cells.  We'll see.  I realize this is more information than any of you want or need.  But it's on my mind. 

My trip to Arkansas has once again been rescheduled.  We should be spending much of the Spring there, now.  Which means that the wardrobe I have planned for my travels will be highly irrelevant, and I need to reconsider my plans.  And I really, really need to lose the weight, for fuck's sake.

I did order some fun pants from Lands End.  They're nautical red - that fun kind of washed out barn red that looks nearly pink.  That, and a pale yellow blouse are the two things I have purchased for the warmer weather. I mean, at this point, were nearly 1/3 through with February, and we can safely say that mid-March should be around the time I retire the heavier sweaters and wool coat.

I have managed to catch the cold that Matt had earlier in the week.  Not especially surprising, given that we, you know, live together.  I have a sore throat, and feel just generally tired and puny.  These things happen.  It's fine.  I mean, to be clear, I'm annoyed.  I want to feel good and enjoy my weekend.  But it's raining, and the backyard looks like Nutella with grass mixed in. 

For what it's worth, I could down a whole jar of that stuff right now.  Me, a jar and a spoon.

I would also eat a can of frosting.  Or just a Three Musketeers bar.  I don't really care.   

So, really - it's all good, isn't it?




Christopher said…
On the bright side, three days later, the rain has stopped, although our yard still looks like Nutella with grass. The basement pump has also ceased its continuous running.
Here's hoping your cells aren't any weirder than they were last year, but you have to have the abnormal to have the normal as we should have sung in Middle School.
Unknown said…
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