All Good in the Hood

One of the many things I enjoy about my current workplace (and honestly, my previous one as well) is the sense of community. 

Take yesterday, as an example.  We had a baby shower.  Now, I love a good shower, and I've done bunches of them.  I had mentioned I was going to get a gift card, and my boss and another colleague asked if they could give me money so we could go in together.  I did this with my friend Jim a handful of times.  I love doing that.  It makes me feel like a part of a team.  Which, I am, but... anyway.

The guest of honor is a lovely woman, who I would guess to be in her mid-thirties.  This is her second child.  She had her first child seventeen years ago, so it's a whole new ballgame.  She is also from the Dominican Republic, and so the whole "shower" thing is new to her.  It was a surprise.  Her department decorated with streamers and balloons.  One of the c-suite ordered pizza, and there were cupcakes. They invited her husband.   And there were stacks of presents.  She's having a girl, so it was pink, pink, pink.  And she walked in and was so surprised.  She teared up and gave a little speech that she had never had a shower before and really appreciated it.  I really like her.  She has a good work ethic.  I can hear her talking to customers and she has a calm, pleasant voice.  She speaks Spanish, of course, but her English is fantastic as well.  You always want people who are deserving to have good fortune. 

So that was nice.  Really, really nice.   Friday was otherwise intense.  We spent the day in "the fishbowl" a conference room with windows on two sides, and sits in the middle of two hallways.  Me, my boss, the other trainer, and the business analyst.  I like all three of them.  The BA is a huge Seinfeld fan, and we amused each other with Seinfeld quotes at various intervals.  But we took every process that has been written, walked through it, and talked through gaps or concerns.  I have more writing to do.   And that's awesome!  I can't wait to do it, because I feel good about it - confident.

So my work community is giving me a lot of love.  We had a big, celebratory Valentine's Day, and I feel good about where we are and where we're going. 

There's a woman who is a c-suite that I don't do any work with, but we got to know each other better during the playground build last fall.  She owns a dog that she takes to herding competitions.  She is probably roughly my age.  No kids, married.  HUGE hockey fan.  Season ticket holder.   She is very sweet, lovely and friendly.  The other day, she came over to my desk to talk about an especially crazy game.  My colleagues said that they were impressed that I had befriended her, as she's very quiet and reserved.  But you never know.  It takes all sorts to make a world.

So, enough about work.

More rain this weekend, which once again means I can't get the dog some much needed exercise.  She needs to run for about three days solid.  I can get her out in short bursts, but I have to keep an eye on her.  Digging in dirt is one thing.  Digging in mud is another thing entirely.   And she is loathe to have her paws wiped off before coming in.

This morning, I hit the ground running.  I did an early Trader Joe's and Great Harvest Bread Co. run.  Then over to Craighead for an emissions test.  That took 45 minutes of sitting in line.  In Georgia, emissions testing sites are on every corner, but there isn't a standard price.  In Tennessee, there are maybe three per county, but they only cost $9.  As a result, you have to wait.  I used to go to one near my office in Cool Springs.  Now, the one nearest my house is my best bet.  So I need to pay that bill.  I have paid just about everything else, but I need to get a better look to see where things stand.

So, the Mazda passed inspection, and I came home.  Unloaded the car, took out some trash and recyclables.  I went to the attic and filled up two large bags with clothes for Goodwill.  I could really do another two or three, but I have promised Matt right of refusal on his stuff, and he's not the best at parting with things.  I did keep two pieces based on nostalgia - a dress Dad picked out for me (and I love), and the blouse I wore the day Matt and I got engaged.  Other than that, I was ruthless.  I'm going to have to do that again and again and again until I get our house in order.

Matt and I took a trip down to Cool Springs to run a few errands.  He got a haircut, and I enjoyed a 20 minute chair massage at the sketchy place next door.  She dug hard into my skull, neck and shoulders, and I dug it.  I would really like something more luxe - a trip to Relache over at Opryland Hotel.  Then maybe a wander around the outlet mall - hit up the old Dress Barn. 

Not to be confused with a barn dress.

We had lunch at Bishop's - a meat and three place that I adore.  I hadn't been there in a year, easily.   It's just good food.

We hit the local Home Depot.  We needed a bunch of things, but I picked up a new toilet seat - mine had been sliding to the side a little, and it was definitely a safety hazard.  For $8, all set.  Matt got some random things, and then we came home.  Since then, it has been laundry.  And then hockey.

At present, the Preds are down 2 nothing and we're in the 2nd intermission.  We need to get it going, y'all.

Tomorrow, I'll head down to Cool Springs solo - I need to do a little shopping, and that's torture for Matt.

 And then, back to work.  Warm up my typing fingers, and tune in to my wordbrain.

Like you do.