It's actually warmish here today, which is nice after a week of freezing temps.  And by warmish, it got up into the low 40s, and it was glorious.

This is a picture I took at the Sonic this morning.  We have a lot of limestone here, and the water seeps out of it.  In the summer, sometimes it creates impromptu waterfalls.  In the winter, we get this:

Ain't that some shit?

So, yeah - it's Winter.  I always think these ice formations look totally pre-historic looking. They're just interesting. 

I spent about two hours this afternoon doing food prep - mostly chopping vegetables and putting them in bags.  I made a healthy breakfast casserole (South Beach inspired).  I made dinner, which was sloppy joes.  Some nights, you just have to phone it in.

This weekend was all about laundry, and prep work, and groceries.  I bought myself two sweaters for the rest of the winter - they're plain, practical and at $15 per, a bargain.

Mom is planning a birthday party for her boyfriend, and asked me to create and send the Evite.  I finished it tonight.  She's stressed out because she's never thrown a party for that many people before.  I have, and I think she's way overthinking it.   Oddly, Jorg was not the one responsible for entertaining in his marriage, and neither was Mom - so here they are in their later years, learning how to throw parties.  Mom has way more experience with setting tables, making it pretty - but she hasn't ever cooked for 16 people.  And that's never easy. 

I'd just buy a bunch of pizzas, a cake and some 2 liters.  Call it a day.

Not really, but it's tempting.  We won't be there for the party - it's midweek, but I'll send a card, or flowers... something like that.

And now, I'm going to let the dog roam the yard one last time, slather on some lotion and get ready for bed.  Tomorrow begins my sugar detox.  Not pretty, but worth it.