I'd Like To (re)Solve The Puzzle*

Ok, ok.  It’s time to make some resolutions for the New Year.    This morning my boss said that this will be the year of “Self-Care and Embracing the Chaos”.  That seems like a good plan to me. 

On that note, my next few months are going to be hairy, though not entirely unpleasant.  We are just sort of on hold for some paperwork to be signed, and then I’ll have some concrete plans.  So, until then, I’ll focus on self-care, and embracing the chaos.

Also, before I get into the resolutions – I want to give a shout out to my alma mater.  Last night, the Georgia Bulldogs won a college football semi-final game against the Oklahoma Sooners.  It went into double overtime, and they pulled it out of the fire gloriously.  Next Monday, they will play the Alabama Crimson Tide in the National Championship Game.   So, that’s some pretty great news, especially if you’re a big fan of the Bulldogs.  I am excited for them, and I’ll enjoy watching the game.  I did feel bad for the Sooners and their fans…kind of.  The announcers were completely up the ass of their QB, Baker Mayfield.  So, that schadenfreude is pretty great.  Anyway, GO BULLDOGS!!!

Who's a good boy, huh?  Huh?


 I’ve stalled enough.  It’s time to get down to brass tacks.

1.  Lose 5 pounds.  Then lather, rinse, and repeat.  I can lose 5 pounds.  Easy.  I’ve done it a bunch of times.  So what I need to do it lose five pounds several consecutive weigh-ins in a row.  Five, then another five, and so on.  It’s less daunting than saying I need to lose 40 or hell, even 20 pounds.  So 5 at a time it is.

2.  Clean up my language.  This feels like another perennial favorite.  I need to decrease the f-bombs, four-letter words and words that are just downright inflammatory (which may or may not contain four letters).  At least, I need to keep them contained to my car, where they belong.    But I also want to enrich my slang.  Stop using outdated terminology, and maybe adopt some new fresh stuff.  We’ll see.  But mostly, I just want to decrease the swearing. 

3.  Manage my money carefully.  I spent way too much on Christmas, as usual.  I need to rein it in and be more fiscally aware/responsible.   I need fewer things.

 4.  Declutter a little.  In the vein of needing fewer things, I need to get rid of a ton of things I already have.  I need to make the attic livable.  I need to figure out better storage options for the things we do keep.  I need to get some processes to make life easier and less harried.  Plus, if number 1 on the list goes to plan, I might also be able to shop from my pile of wrong sized clothes.  So it’s a double win…
5.  Less waste.  This one is a culmination of some of the others.  I want to get rid of things that we don’t need so that I have a good idea of what we have and can/do use,  and I will know what we definitely don’t need more of (nail trimmers, for example).   I want to donate the surplus.  I also want to be smarter with groceries.  I wish we weren’t throwing out food that we don’t eat in time.  So I’ll commit to responsible shopping, eating out less and cooking smaller batches.  That also plays along with the losing 5 pounds thing mentioned above. 

 And honestly, I think that’s enough.  I can always make more resolutions later.  I’ll be doing good to hit 65% on these – which in most school districts is failing, but I think I’ll call it a success…
* Because I think I've used "You Say You Want A Resolution" for several years now.  Time to find a new title.