Who are you?

Nice weekend, but I hit the ground running this morning.  

Christmas is a week from today, and I haven't the faintest on how I'll get it done.  The shopping is complete, unless I decide to get Mom a little something else... and then I have to wrap it.

Saw the in-law types this weekend at a little party.  The Dirty Santa.  How dirty?  I came home with a vibrator.  Matt got a sexual positions for the year book.   We are all set!   But the real coup of the weekend was something a little more grown up.  We got DNA tests from Matt's aunt and uncle.  As they gave it to us she said, "I want to see what you heathens are made of."

My family tree has lots of squirrels.

Well, she's got the heathen right, at least for me...  but I am so incredibly stoked!  I've wanted to do this for awhile, and now, I'll get some insight into who I came from.  And I don't mean who *I am* - that much, I know.  But I have a strong gut feeling that I'm going to be surprised.

Hell, I got the dog's DNA done.  Fair is fair is fair.

I have been feeling a little weird/off the past day or two.   I took some Bonine (sea-sick pill) at the office, and since then, I feel better, but sleepy.  And a little achy - which could be sleep deprivation.  I couldn't get comfortable and I woke up hot and uncomfortable several times.

I have been feeling a day late and a dollar short for a few weeks - and so my note to self is to take a deep breath, try to sleep right and eat better.   And to relax and remember that what I feel isn't always what "is".  It's important to try and keep perspective.\\

That's mostly it from here.  I'll keep you posted on my DNA....