Queuein' A!

We haven't had a Question and Answer session in a bit, so I think it's time....

Q - So, how's the new job holding up?

A - Good, honestly.  We're going to be traveling a lot in the first half of the year, and I have some concerns about that, but I think it's a good thing, and I think it proves we're going to have a big, big 2018.  I think I got in on the ground floor of something huge. 

Q - How are your husband and dog feeling about the travel?

A -  Cautiously optimistic, I think.  I'll come home on weekends, we'll make it work.  It helps that I like what I'm doing, and I think it will be a great experience.

Q - Any big holiday plans?

A - We'll be spending a little time with both families, and in my family's case, some of the same blended family as at Thanksgiving.  

Q - Any thoughts on that?

A - It's hard to try to accommodate everyone's needs and preferences and still remain my authentic self.  We've been talking about authenticity at work recently, which is what happens when you work with social workers and people who acknowledge their feelings.

Q - Any recent issues with the vertigo?

A - I've felt a little swimmy-headed a handful of times, and I've taken a few dramamine for it, but 've managed to remain vertical and vomit-free.

Q - I heard you got a bill from the ER.  What was that all about? 

A - It was about $4000, and it's pending insurance review.  I am hoping I don't have to pay anything.  The messed up thing is that $3100 of it is Emergency Room fee - the rest is medication, labs, and the privilege of making retching sounds in their lobby while I watched this beautiful baby turtle swim around a massive aquarium.

Q - Have you bought any terrific presents for Christmas?

A - Actually, yeah.  It's been a great shopping year.  I am stoked about what I picked up for my colleagues, which we'll talk about later.  Matt got the early present of a Whiskey Advent calendar (worth it).  I gave my friend Connie a late birthday-early Christmas gift of a sterling silver cake fork.  It's for sheetcaking.  It is one of the best presents I have ever given, and she loves it.  I'll talk more after Christmas about the presents.


Q - Why is it that you hate green grapes, but love golden raisins (which come from green grapes)?

A - I have no idea.  Weird, isn't it?