No! Ogilvy Home Perm.

The end is nigh, folks.  The end of the year, that is.

Tomorrow I'm picking up a few little things at the grocery store, then I need to wrap presents and get ready for the festivities to begin.

Work had a very pleasant, laid back quality to it today.  I came in a little late because I had a quick errand to run.  I had a sausage biscuit waiting on me when I arrived.  I passed out gifts to my colleagues.  I did some emails, I did some writing, I did some proofreading, a little talking and a lot of listening.  We ordered Hot Chicken for lunch.  I got mine mild, because I can't handle too much heat.   And then we adjourned for Christmas.  Done and done!

It has been one heck of a year.  Now that I've gotten used to writing 2017, it's nearly 2018.

But first, Noel.

See what I did there?

I had a little snafu with a package from Amazon, and I have to give mad props to their customer service team for going above and beyond.  I used to think Google was our benevolent overlord, but I now understand it's Jeff Bezos et. al..

All Hail our *Prime* Minister!

I keep hoping I have enough, or that at least it's equitable for everyone.  I can't imagine anyone being disappointed, but then, who knows?

Hope this Christmas finds you under the mistletoe with someone amazing.

Feliz Navidad,



Merry Christmas, Allie Cat. Thanks for sharing your year with us.