Meat Me in St. Louis

Well, folks, Christmas 2017 is in the history books.  We had time with Matt's family, time with my family (and extended), and a decent time with all of it.  We ended up having beef for dinner, rather than pasta.  Which is a really long story that I may share sometime.

Piper spent the weekend in the hoosegow, and we got a call from her captors (the chief veterinarian) letting us know she was having a little stress colitis, but that she was energetic and eating.  Thankfully, they like her at my vet.  It doesn't hurt that I also left two dozen donuts from Fox's Donut Den when I dropped her off, because I have no problem bribing her caretakers.

I hated leaving her, and I am delighted she is back with us where we all belong.   Of course, I head back into the office tomorrow, and I also need to start coming up with what I'll be wearing for my exile in Arkansas.  Burlap sacks are so last century, no??

So, as for Christmas itself, my two favorite presents were three sessions of goat yoga from Mom and Jorg, and a Preds and Puppies calendar from Matt (that contains photos of players from our hockey team with their dogs).   I also got some excellent slippers, tons of chocolate and treats, some kitchen wares... more than I need, to be completely honest.

At the start of the season, I gave myself a present - an advent calendar from L'Occitane.  If you know me, you know that my skin is dry, dry and prone to cracking.  You also know I love soaps, and shower gels and lotions.  So that was a delight to get a daily little sample of something that smells good and is all about taking care of myself.

That really needs to be the theme of 2018. Taking care.  Of myself.  In the past, I've been more concerned with taking care of everyone else, and I'm the afterthought.  No more.  I know, I say that every damn year, don't I?  I mean it, though.  I swear.

Anyway - onward and upward.  My plan for New Year's Eve is to do as little as possible.  I may have dinner with friends, we may just stay home.  I am planning to do some clothes shopping on January 1st, and then meet my friend Jim for lunch.  Or brunch.  Or whatever.

And then, it's January.  It's 2018.  It's insane.  Where does the time go?

Well, that's that, y'all - I'm going to get some water onboard, take my meds, slather on some lotion.

Then me and my puny dog are going to settle down for a long winter's nap.

Like you do.

Tomorrow, December 27th, is Dad's birthday.  He would have been 77.  I don't have any sort of ritual planned, and I don't suppose I really need one.  But obviously, I'll think about him.  And what he would have liked to do on his birthday.

Happy Boxing day to you, yours and others.



Your goats went over to make Hagar do yoga.