Gnu and Improved

It's December 28th, which basically means nothing to me.  It's too early to consider the New Year, too late to dwell on Christmas.

It's that weird in-between where I don't even really reliably know what day it is.  It's Thursday, but it has a definitely Tuesday feel.  It's fine.

My goal for the weekend is to get the house in better order.  I need to get laundry wrangled, dust, sweep and vacuum.  That should get about half the problem solved, right there.

I also need to eat the sugar I want, then deep six the rest of it.  I plan to get my eating back on track starting January 1st.

This year, my work calendar is beachscapes.  I also bought myself a journal of sorts - it's a Hashtag a Day journal.  Which is just about perfect for me.  I can always come up with a hashtag.  Even when a paragraph seems like torture.

Like right now.

I don't have a lot to talk about.  Let's see.  I got an email from Aveda today - their school here in town is offering facials - $20.18 - and that's about what I'd pay.  I am so careless where my skin is concerned.  I realized recently, I'm too old to leave the house without fixing up and coasting on genetics and youth.  I'm too young to leave the house without fixing up and coasting on confidence and old age.  So henceforth, I'm going to have to run some product through my hair and put on a little makeup of some kind.  At the least, lips.  Eyes and lips would be better.  I'm still coasting on genetics a little.  So there's that.

There have been some recent changes with our customer - and it will likely change my January - what I do know is that I need clothes.  I killed a pair of jeans at Thanksgiving - the zipper jumped the tracks and completely gave up.  So, I have two pair left - neither fit especially well due to the influx of sugar over the last month or so.  I mean, I've probably ingested 10 pounds of it since Thanksgiving.  It was delicious and I'll miss it - for awhile, and then I won't.

I fixed up the materials for our work bulletin board today.  I'll put it all up tomorrow before I leave for the weekend.  It's a little silly because it talks about New Years traditions... after New Years.  Oh well.

To paraphrase Super Chicken - I knew the job was dangerous when I took it.

I activated and completed my DNA test prep this evening.  I'll mail it tomorrow, and by March, we'll know from whence I came.  I have theories.  I have so many theories.

I should be receiving a new t shirt tomorrow - a UGA long sleeved shirt in red.  I need something to rep my school, since they're playing in the ROSE BOWL next week.  I mean, that's impressive, you know?

Back in the day, I read a Bobbsey Twin book that took place around the Rose Bowl Parade.  Someone sabotaged a float builder's flowers.  Nan, Bert, Freddie, and Flossie were on the case.  They figured it out and ended up dressed up like rabbits on the float.  Why do I remember this shit?

Who knows?  Anyway... I wonder if Nan and Bert are actually Ann and Albert?   Even if it was never stated, I bet I'm right.

I read maybe just that one Bobbsey Twin, a single Trixie Belden, and I never could stomach Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys.  Or Encyclopedia Brown.  I was totally into the Babysitter's Club way after it was cool.  Like, way, way too late into my Middle School career.  Now, there were plenty of great Kid Lit books, back in the day. 

I was reminded of one earlier today - Taking Care of Terrific, Lois Lowry.  There's a quote at the start of the book - "Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps the singing bird will come".  It's a Chinese proverb. And wouldn't you know, that was (almost verbatim) the fortune in my cookie from Chinese takeout tonight?

This quote has been important to me since I was 15.  

That's crazy!

We're dealing with a lot of cold weather this week, and ongoing through the first of the year.  Matt gave me gloves for Christmas, so that's positive.  And I have tons of lotion.

So maybe I did have a few things to talk about.

Be young, foolish and happy.



Christopher said…
Some wisdom that seems as relevant now as it did when I first heard it: No g-news is good g-news with Gary Gnu.
I was into The Great Space Coaster a lot longer than was normal or healthy.
ae said…
Who didn't love the Great Space Coaster? Another catchy theme song from the early 80s.
Aren't you from Cthulhu? I thought it was confirmed that we're all from Cthulhu.