Check it!

So, a little update.  I ended up ditching the need for a black skirt by purchasing a blouse to be worn with black pants.  It's snazzy AF, and tomorrow, I'll get someone to take my picture and I'll post it.

A friend of mine just posted something on her Facebook page - and it's something I've seen before, if my crowded, dusty memory serves me correctly.  Her church is having a Blue Christmas service - an evening for those who are mourning, grieving, sad...

I get this.  Christmas is a Technicolor slap in the face to people who, for whatever reason, aren't in a place to deck the halls that particular year.  This is a service to minister to those folks.  They are, I learned, thanks to the interwebs, often held on 12.21 - the longest night of the year.  Which is kind of lovely and symbolic.  The service is one that focuses on finding hope within despair, but it doesn't try to jolly you out of your funk. 

Who doesn't love Elvis' version? 

Now, we also know I'm not a churchgoer.  That doesn't mean I don't appreciate the need for a community, your own congregation.  I just see it from a secular point of view.  But there is something beautiful addressing your grief and angst on the darkest night of the year.  Knowing that the shorter nights and longer days will be coming.  It's going to be OK, at least as far as our annual trip around the sun goes. 

I just saw that and I liked it.  And I wanted to remind you all that brighter days are coming - nothing can stay dark forever.  I have had a few blue Christmases as of late, and this one... well - I decorated for the first time in years.  True, our tree is just a conical rosemary topiary.  But it smells like bliss.  And I have tiny little lights on it.  And I have our wreath up, and I bought one of those cheesy little projectors that bounces snowflakes all over the front of the house.  Not one of the super fancy ones that does a laser light show - mine was the $20 model from Walgreens.  And I couldn't be more delighted with it. 

I gave Matt an advent calendar - a whiskey-a-day calendar.  I splurged on myself, too - L'Occitane advent.  Lotions, and bath gels and soaps...

I have already sent out my cards, and I have my shopping... under control.  Not done.  Not close.  But under control. 

I've been to one party.  I have been keeping my Secret Santa kid in snacks and treats.  I have my clothes ready for tomorrow's luncheon, and I'm getting a gel mani on my way home from work today.

I've listened to Feliz Navidad and rocked out.  I've heard a few less awesome carols and changed the station.

I know where my Christmas sweater is.   I will wait on wearing it til a little closer to the holidays.

About 20 years ago, I was really depressed at the holidays.  I remember that Andy Williams' "It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" came on the radio.  I was driving south on Georgia 400, and it was dark, and I thought about driving my car into the retaining wall.  I was about a mile from Sidney Marcus.  I remember it like it happened this morning.  I was on my way to my therapist, so I kept driving and I was fine.  But I haven't always enjoyed the holidays. 

So I appreciate that I am enjoying them now, but I am still sensitive to anyone who might be in crisis.

However you get through the next few days and weeks, know that brighter days are ahead.  Scientifically, emotionally, and meteorologically.

But most wonderful time of the year?  Nope.  That's Spring.  Duh.